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●Mysteryland Aftermovie●

06 September 2013

Check out the Mysteryland after movie :) We had so much fun hosting the Knuckle Duster Dome. Big thank you to all the artists making it such a succes. The Sheeza Hoo images are following soon!

Link here :)

●13 days till Mysteryland!●

11 August 2013

Only 13 days left till we host a stage at the grand Mysteryland. Every day they give away a fun thing to do, as every day is a gift. Since starting raves in the middle in the city is Sheeza Hoo's middle name, there you go.

Image by Robbie Baauw.

●Sweety Backstage●

10 August 2013

Find your favorite girls back at Backstage tonight. They always come with a little extra, so make sure you find them.

Image by Laura Andalou

Tonight, 10th of August
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Happy Jorge Day!●

09 August 2013

The happiest birthday to our Sweetheart, brilliant dancer, style boy galore. Jorge, we are so happy with you! Have the best day!

●Super Social Robbie●

08 August 2013

Tonight Robbie returns at the Super Social door. He is in the mood for a party so you better be too. Make an little effort to make sure you'll get inside.

Image by Sharon Jane D and Ace Dia for Woo Riddim.

Tonight, 8th of August
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●16 days till Mysteryland!●

08 August 2013

Only 16 days left till we host a stage at the grand Mysteryland. Every day they give away a fun thing to do, as every day is a gift. Putting Gianni in a MaryMe-JimmyPaul dress is like poppin confetti for a year, so there you go :)

Image by Robbie Baauw.

●Mayo Lighter Mixtape●

07 August 2013

Upcoming Saturday Mayo throws a new, crazy, amazing party at The Ludwig. Lighter is what she named it and she made a mix tape especially for this event. Click and dance away. Hope to see you Saturday!

Saturday, 7th of August
The Ludwig
23.00 - 03.00

●Happy Schaduw Day!●

05 August 2013

Happy happy birthday to our beautiful Lisa. We love you so much!

●Hey Pop Queers Hey●

02 August 2013

Tomorrow night more Hey Girl Hey at Fucking Pop Queers XL. The boys are very excited to return to Paradiso for this amazing party. Come by and dance all night. Good stuff.

Image by Robbie Baauw

Saturday, 3th of august
23.00 - 05.00

●Valentijn goes Amstelveld●

02 August 2013

Spot our superstar tonight closing the Amstelveld party. Valentijn closes this huge event for the second time in a row. After the huge succes of last year we can't wait to see her tonight!

Want more Valentijn? Catch her djing later that night at "Bottoms Up" - the Melkweg.

Tonight, 2th of August
22.00 - 23.00

●Doppelgang does Gaypride●

02 August 2013

This magical duo have a very busy weekend coming up. Starting tonight at Amstelveld, Rembrandtplein and Supertoys :) Yes, crazy but sooo much fun. Go team Doppelgang!

Tonight, 3th of August

●Hey street party Hey!●

02 August 2013

We are very excited for upcoming Saturday. Every gaypride the infamous Reguliersdwarsstraat throws a streetparty, where all gay and gay loving Amsterdam comes together to dance their socks of. This year our very own Valentijn de Hingh and Hey Girl Hey will play back2back to make the street bounce even a little more.

Saturday, 3th of August.
17.30 - 18.30

●Bottoms Up!●

01 August 2013

We are very excited to open our doors for a brand new open minded hip hop night. It has been a while since The Melkweg had an open minded party and we miss it.
The times are changing and it seems that scenes that never crossed before are finally crossing. And since we love the sickening beats of hip hop and the freedom of the gay scene, we bring you; "BOTTOMS UP".

The Melkweg and The Amazing Agency created this night for a brand new Hip Hop feel. It's gonna be a Bubbling beat, Kaboeler twerk fest and we can't wait for it.

Music by:

Valentijn de Hingh
Hey Girl Hey
Lauwrenxe Malakami (T.N.O.)

Door by Gianni Bab
Performance by The Sweethearts

●Supertoys time!●

30 July 2013

Gaypride has hit Amsterdam and the entire week is all about love. This Friday Doppelgang and Hey Girl Hey come spread their love at Supertoys - Air. Lets have some fun!

Friday, 2th of August
Club Air
23.00 - 05.00

●Gianni hearts Backstage●

27 July 2013

In the mood for a fun fiesta and a hot host? Backstage is your place to be tonight. The coolest house and a nice crowd make sure your Saturday night is well spent.

Image by Laura Andalou <3

Tonight, 27th of July
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Sweethearts go Social.●

27 July 2013

Find our beauties running and hopping around at Backstage tonight. When you bump into them don't be a stranger, they always carry something good with them.

Images by Jet.

Tonight, 27th of July
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Mysteryland: DJ Dont's●

26 July 2013

Mysteryland helped a lot of us dj's by asking some super star dj's what not to do. Our very own Doppelgang had a very wise tip for all the duo's out there.
Click the link for find out.

Read me :)

●Spotted! Gianni at The Borrel●

25 July 2013

Isn't she lovely, isn't she crazy beautiful!
Spotted! Gianni Bab hosting The Borrel door.

Image by RVDA

●Hey Tropical Fissa Hey!●

25 July 2013

This Friday, Hey Girl Hey gets in the Island vibe with club NYX. Tropical Fissa is one of their newest and funnest parties. Island beats, wild trouser snakes and lots of coconuts. What could you want more?

Friday, 26th of august
Club NYX
23.00 - 05.00

●Happy David/Sheeza day!●

23 July 2013

Today we celebrate the birthday of our very own princess/wonderboy. Sheeza David turned 20! Can you believe he's already legal for two years now?! Amazing. We love you boy. Happy Birthday.

●Happy Xio Day!●

22 July 2013

Happy happy birthday sweet Xiomara. Make sure those flexibel legs get pampered today! Lots of hugs, love and kisses!

●happy mayo day●

20 July 2013

It's Mayo's birthday today! We wish you an amazing day and night filled with love and many more parties to come!

●It's almost Milkshake time!●

17 July 2013

Just a view hot summer nights away un till we can dance all day and night long at Milkshake festival. An amazing festival for boys who love girls who love girls who love boys who love boys. Well, a better feeling than that we simply can't imagine. Our lovely dj's will be party and playing there as well. Find JeanPaul Paula at the "Vieze Poezendek", a stage designed and styled by Robbie Baauw, where The Sweethearts throw their magic around some stripper powls. Doppelgang and Valentijn can be found at the Supertoys stage, while Hey Girl Hey sets the Ultra Sexi stage on fire.
We truly hope to see you all there, we think a magical day awaits.

Sunday, 21th of July
11.00 - 23.00

●Happy Salma Day!●

14 July 2013

We wish you the happiest birthday, you gorgeous Sweetheart. Have fun! Loads of love :)

●The refreshing Sweethearts●

13 July 2013

At a hot club nothing is more refreshing then a nice, cold, free shot of alcohol. At least, that's what The Sweethearts think. And since sharing is caring, they bring a full bucket full of something with them. Catch them at Backstage tonight and have a little drink with them.

Images by Carlijn Jacobs.

Tonight, 13th of July
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Gigi time●

13 July 2013

Yesterday she destroyed the catwalk at MMJP, today he hosts Backstage. In between a little dancing at the NYX followed by some outfit styling time. This star brighter then bright can and does it all.

Tonight, 13th of July
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Girls love MAYO●

13 July 2013

Tonight we party at a brand new Girls love DJ's edition at club Air. Our own amazing MAYO takes care of Room 2 with the RiffxRaff crew, so you know where the party's at ;)

Tonight, 13th of July
Club Air
23.00 - 05.00

●Robbie at Super Soos●

11 July 2013

Find Robbie back at the Super Social door tonight. He and Munise teamed up tonight since we expect loads of people tonight. So come early and stay late :)

Tonight, 11th of July
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●MMJP opening Fashion week!●

11 July 2013

This Friday the Amsterdam Fashion Week is in for a real treat. It's only every now and then, a true show comes by. We can thank Iris van Herpen for that, Jan Taminiau, Bas kosters and soon definitely MaryMe-JimmyPaul. It is a killer, going all out, true MaryMe-JimmyPaul collection and I can't wait for the world to experience it. Our amazing artists Sweetheart Sarah, Lisa Schaduw, Gianni Bab and Valentijn will walk the show, so family time as well :)

After this spectaculair (trust me) show, you can find Valentijn de Hingh, Hey Girl Hey, Mayo and The Sweethearts at NYX invites Knuckle Duster.
Even more party time!

Hope to see you all this Friday and lets go team MaryMe-JimmyPaul!

Image by Robbie Baauw

Friday, 12th of July
MMJP Fashionweek
Amsterdam, Gashouder
21.00 - 22.00

Friday, 12th of July
NYX invites Knuckle Duster
Club NYX
23.00 - 05.00


09 July 2013

Check out Cata Pirata wearing MaryMe-JimmyPaul at GaroRock - France. Familia all the way.

●Super Social x Bonne●

08 July 2013

Spotted! Our amazing Bonne playing a last weeks Super Social. We also caught the new flyer styled by Robbie Baauw. One hot summer night.

Image by Walter Vroegop.

●NYX invites Knuckle Duster●

08 July 2013

NYX invites Knuckle Duster and ofcourse we don't show up empty handed. Hey Girl Hey, Valentijn de Hingh and Mayo team up, so room 1 is filled with beat. The Sweethearts come by to dance with you like there is no tomorrow. We love the NYX and can't wait till it's Friday!

Friday, 12th of July
Club NYX
23.00 - 05.00

●Hot Gigi●

06 July 2013

The only thing hotter than the sun today, is host extraordinair Gianni Bab at the Backstage door. Thank the lord The Sweethearts will be there with some refreshments.

Tonight, 6th of July
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Fashionweek opening party●

06 July 2013

Fashionweek means busy week, equals fun week. Tonight we start out with Doppelgang and Aynouk Tan at the official openings party in Club Air. The boys will play their prettiest tunes, while Aynouk curated a surprising performance. Come by and celebrate fashion in Amsterdam :)

Tonight, 6th of July
Club Air
Start: 23.00

●Friday at Social●

05 July 2013

Find Robbie hosting the door tonight at Chicago Social Club. What's better then a cool night after a hot day?

Outfit by Marije Seijn.

Tonight, 5th of July
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●Doppelgang goes Club Riviera●

04 July 2013

Find the twinning boys saturday night at Club Riviera - Tivoli. They will blow the speakers, so catch them for a killer weekend.

Image by Berg DOT JPEG

Saturday, 7th of July
Tivoli, Utrecht
Club Riviera
Start: 23.00

●Vote for MAYO!●

03 July 2013

DJ Broadcast selected five potential winners to win a ticket to Exit Festival in Servië. All five are totally different and one of the nominees caught our eyes and ears months ago. Our amazing MAYO is selected and now we want her to win :)
Please help this DJ talent, she deserves it so much.
Click on the link and please vote MAYO.
You can vote on your mobile phone too!

Vote here :)

●Xio for Giuliano Bolivar●

30 June 2013

Check out beautiful Sweetheart Xiomara working it for our homeboy Giuliano Bolivar. We love it.

●Can You Feel It●

29 June 2013

Tonight you can find the beautiful Sheeza Hoo at May Day's "Can You Feel It". Get your photo snapped by this wunderkind.

Tonight, 28th of June
Club Air
23.00 - 05.00

●Backstage, Sweethearts, Robbie●

29 June 2013

Tonight The Sweethearts and Robbie are back at Backstage. All are ready to turn it up once more. In the mood for a good night? See you at Chicago Social Club.

Images by Berg DOT JPEG

Tonight, 29th of June
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00


29 June 2013

Last night Skip&Die defeated Dio in a thrilling Redbull Sound clash. Our girl Cata Pirata was making sure she came hard and teamed up with her Knuckle Duster familia. Sweethearts Sammy and Vanessa danced like there was no tomorrow, while Robbie Baauw made sure the styling was looking amazing. Sheeza Hoo helped out, MaryMe-JimmyPaul came with some great items. Skip&Die killed it, owned it, won it. So creative and original. So proud!

More images coming soon!

Image by Redbull Sound Clash.
Styling Skip&Die by Robbie Baauw

●Cleo and Schaduw●

28 June 2013

Yes!!! Tonight we go hard at our wonderful and beautiful ladies first party. There is a pool, delicious food, an amazing exhibition and lots of cool dj's like our very own MAYO. So, we know where to go. Hope to see you there!

Friday, 28th of June
17.00 - 04.00

●Happy Manique day!!●

27 June 2013

Today we celebrate the birthday of our baby girl Manique. We love you and you're the best!

●Happy Anneloes Day!●

26 June 2013

Today is the birthday of our supersweet and multi-talented sweetheart Anneloes! She makes the prettiest knuckleduster outfits and the most delicious cupcakes. Happy birthday girl!

●The Social Pop Quiz 3●

25 June 2013

Tomorrow evening Aynouk Tan and Robbie Baauw throw the third Social Pop Quiz! Joined by Mauseburger, Gianni Bab and the lovely Jordi Ariza Gallego, this only can become a fantastic night. After this edition they take a little summer break, so make sure to come tomorrow :)

Wednesday, 26th of June
Chicago Social Club
19.30 - 22.30
5 euro a person, max 5 people in one team

●Gianni is back!●

22 June 2013

We are so happy our boy is back. Our fierce, wonderful and amazing host returns at the backstage door after three weeks of Miami heat. Come and see the glory called Gianni yourself tonight.

Image by Berg DOT JPEG

Tonight, 22th of June
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Vote for Andalou!●

21 June 2013

Our gifted Sweetheart Andalou entered the Canon EOS 6D contest. Please help her by voting for this beautiful image. All you have to do is click on the link and like. Go team Andalou!

Vote here please :)

●Robbie goes Super Social●

20 June 2013

Tonight Robbie returns at the Super Social door and thats no crime at all.

Tonight, 20th of June
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●Happy Nick Day!●

20 June 2013

Today it is Nick his birthday. Have a good one and party hardy!

●Supertoys by Sheeza●

18 June 2013

A lot of Knuckle Dusters at the last Supertoys. Thanks to Sheeza Hoo they've all been captured beautifully.

Images by Sheeza Hoo.

●Happy Laura Day!●

17 June 2013

We wish the happiest birthday to our Sweetheart princess Laura. We love you baby.

●Doppel by Dee Haynes.●

14 June 2013

Spotted! Doppegang's image by Robin de Puy renewed by Alana Dee Haynes.

●Super Social Day●

13 June 2013

Tonight we party hardy at Super Social, with Robbie at the door. He is ready to turn this wet day in a steamy night and we hope you are too.

Tonight, 13th of June
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●Happy Judith Day!!●

10 June 2013

Yesterday our beautiful Sweetheart Judith was celebrating her birthday! We hope you had a fantastic day with a lot of cake, balloons and lovin!

●MAYO keeps on Rollin●

08 June 2013

Tonight MAYO will be hitting the big room at the Rollin 10 years party. She will get everyone to shake their asses like only she can! So stop by in Alkmaar and keep that body rollin'!!

Saturday, 8th of June
Podium Victorie
22:00 - 03:30

●Sweethearts go Backstage●

07 June 2013

Find our lovely Sweethearts treating you to something good, this Saturday at Backstage. Last time they made the people go crazy with their delicious burgers.

Saturday, 8th of June
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Cata.Pirata & Maximin for Jagerland●

07 June 2013

Tonight Jägerland is having their first party of the year! And our very own Cata.Pirata is making sure this is going to be an edition no one will forget!
Together with Maximin she will spin records and bring the tropical vibes to the MC Theater.

7th of June
MC Theater Amsterdam
Polonceaukade 5
22:30 – 04:00

●Hey Pop Queers Hey!●

07 June 2013

Upcoming Saturday Hey Girl Hey returns at F*CKING POP QUEERS. They are excited to spin all there bbq summer-realness R&B and Hip Hop hits. F*CKING POP QUEERS is ready for summer and we hope you are too.

Saturday, 8th of June
Jimmy Woo
23.00 - 04.00

●Happy Gianni Day!●

06 June 2013

Today we celebrate two Knuckle Duster birthdays. It's the birthday of the absolute queen of our agency, Gianni Bab :) So honey, happy, happy, birthday to you.

●Happy Mauseburger Day! ●

06 June 2013

Happy birthday to our beloved, handsome VJ Mauseburger. Hope you're having a great one!

●Super Social Flyer●

05 June 2013

A brand new Super Social flyer is out. This month starring our hotshot DJ Lisa Schaduw and super Sweetheart Mars Dee. Ofcourse styling and concept by Robbie Baauw :)

Image by Lo Andela.

●Bye bye Gianni●

05 June 2013

Have fun in Miami and Las Vegas baby. We love you, will miss you, but see you soon!

Image by Kirsten van Santen.

●Lisa goes Toni&Guy●

04 June 2013

Today Toni&Guy throws a trend event at the Lobster House. Our beautiful DJ Lisa Schaduw will be present, to take care of the music.
Have fun!

Image by Dagschotel.

●Team Skip&Die●

02 June 2013

I think we speak for many when we say Skip&Die is one of the most talented and special acts we ever had in our little country. This amazing act is now nominated to be artist of the week and we hope you help us by voting for them. Click on the link to vote for team Skip&Die :)

Vote here please ^^

●Backstage Bonanza●

01 June 2013

Saturdaynight means backstage time! Hosted by our lovely Robbie Baauw at the door, and the Knuckleduster Sweethearts inside, who will surprise you with a special treat. And make sure you don't miss out on VJ Mauseburger's debut this evening!

Tonight, 1st of June
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Contributor Magazine loves Sweethearts●

30 May 2013

Fjuut Fjuuw! Check out Sweethearts Bea and Rolien looking beautiful in Contributor Magazine. Out in print now.

Images by Janneke van der Hagen.

●Vive la Paula●

29 May 2013

Find the gorgeous JeanPaul Paula tonight, djing at Silencio in Paris. A beautiful place, designed by David Lynch. Our wonderboy always breaks down the house, so drop by if you can.
Enjoy baby!

Tonight, 29th of May

●Forever Young●

28 May 2013

What a great time at last Forever Young. Hey Girl Hey's Robbie played some delicious R&B while David/Sheeza Hoo supported with some beautiful bubbles :)

Images by Julie Lynne Weber.

●Super Woman Valentijn●

26 May 2013

Supermodel, check. Amazing DJ, check. Super sweet, highly intelligent double check. All these different checks, sum up Knuckle Dusters Valentijn de Hingh. There is only one thing we don't write enough about; she is an incredible writer! Smart, super funny, truly gifted. Her latest jam was for Spunk, where she explained her road to a smoking free life(Uhum). If you are dutch or at least can read it, open this link. You won't be sorry.

Image by Sheeza Hoo.

Click here > Valentijn for Spunk :D


25 May 2013

Tonight MAYO is back at The Stage in Arnhem. Understandably they love her as much as we do. So go dance your socks of tonight at Knorrr.

Tonight, 25th of May
The Stage - Arnhem
23.00 - 04.00

●Superbimbo loves Doppelgang●

25 May 2013

Catch the boys at one of Rotterdams finest parties SUPERBIMBO. Tonight the boys make sure every shoe heel in the room gets broken.

Tonight, 25th of May
Perron - Rotterdam
23.00 - 05.00

●Backstage Business●

25 May 2013

With Gianni at the door, MAYO playing in the Bar and The Sweethearts walking around, a lot of us came to support. Thanks to Backstage for a crazy fun night.

Tonight Gianni Bab and The Sweethearts return to Backstage for some more party time.

Images by Berg Dot JPEG

Tonight, 25th of May
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Woo Riddim loves Gianni●

24 May 2013

Ludwig's most favorite part must be Mr Wix his Woo Riddim. All of Amsterdam unites and bounces to the beats of great Hip Hop dj's. Of course there is one core ingredient every hot party needs, Gianni Bab at the door. So spot and dance with him tonight at the Ludwig.

Image by Lotte van Raalte

Tonight, 24th of May
22.00 - 04.00

●Spotted! Sweetheart Rachel.●

23 May 2013

Sweetheart Rachel serving sexy girl realness.
Shot by Lourens Samuël de Goede


23 May 2013

If you like to bump and grind, just bump, or simply just Grindr, this is the perfect night for you. Hip Hop from beginning to end, brought to you by Amsterdam his finest Hip Hop dj's. It's gay, it's straight, it's ruff, it's fierce. Amsterdam seems to be ready to mix and turn it up again. We know we are. So put on that ridiculous high beanie, glue that lace wig hella good, bust your sneakers and bump & grinder the night away.

Find event here :)

Music by


Hosted by


Images by




●What Design Can do Overview●

22 May 2013

The boys of SSBA salon threw a wonderfull What Design Can Do afterparty. A great crowd and atmosphere. Doppelgang was roaring up the room with their disco beats, while our pretty Sweethearts where performing. Sunshine Gianni bab was lighting up the door. Great evening!

Images by Berg Dot JPEG

●Save wild Tigers ft MMJP●

22 May 2013

British actress Jaime Winstone wearing MaryMe-JimmyPaul for the "Save Wild Tigers" Campaign. Multitalent Jimmy Paul (MMJP designer / Hey Girl Hey dj) is going full throttle with this amazing collection.

●Doppelgang Twintapes 4●

20 May 2013

Even though it is raining in Amsterdam, Doppelgang brings a sunny mood with their newest mixtape. Play and enjoy.

●Social Club Veterans●

18 May 2013

Tonight his majesty Gianni Bab blocks and rocks the backstage door again. The Sweethearts walk around with a little some and some, so try to find them when you're a little thirsty.

Images by Laura Andalou

Tonight, 18th of May
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Hey Forever Young 3.0 Hey●

18 May 2013

Find Hey Girl Hey tonight at Forever Young 3.0 at Club Up & De Kring. 90s, 00s hits all night long. Excited as we are? Come by!

Image stolen from Marco van Rijt his Instagram.

Saturday, 18th of May
Club Up & De Kring
23.00 - 05.00

●MAYO goes Backstage●

18 May 2013

Find Knuckle Dusters coolest talent MAYO tonight at the Backstage bar. Come by to dance and drink all night long :)

Tonight, 18th of May
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Schaduw at Dagschotel●

17 May 2013

Spot Lisa Schaduw DJ-ing tonight at Dagschotel in Tivoli, Utrecht. Hot beats and a sweaty dancefloor guaranteed.

Tivoli, Utrecht
Tonight 23.00 - 04.00

●What Design Can Do ft KDA●

17 May 2013

Tonight we celebrate What Design Can Do at the Stadsschouwburg. What Design Can Do is an event where the power of design and its problem-solving ability are celebrated. Design as a catalyst of change and renewal. Design as a method of addressing the societal questions of our time.
Our very own Doppelgang will play the hottest hits, while The Sweethearts perform and Gianni Bab hosts the door. This amazing team is ready to blow the roof of.

Tonight, 17th of May

●Keep It Classic #2●

16 May 2013

The noughties Electro, late 90s Bubbling, 80s Pop, 90s House, 70s Disco, it is all coming by at Keep it Classic at Club NYX and we love it. Last month we had our first edition showcasing the classics that make us all equal. Hope to see you all upcoming Thursday at NYX op Donderdag - Keep It Classic.

Images by the beautiful Sheeza Hoo.

Thursday, 16th of May
Club NYX
23.00 - 04.00

●We love Supertoys●

16 May 2013

Tomorrow night we go all out at Supertoys - Air. We have a great team ready for this playfull night. Doppelgang in the main room, Sheeza Hoo taking your photo and Hey Girl Hey all night long at the Flikkerclup/room 2. See you there!

Friday, 17th of May
Club Air
23.00 - 05.00

●MAYO mixtape 6●

15 May 2013

Ready to enjoy a brand new mixtape of wunderkind MAYO? Just hit play and dance.

●The Social Pop Quiz part 2!●

15 May 2013

Tonight a brand new edition of the Social Pop Quiz at Chicago Social Club. Aynouk Tan and Robbie Baauw have 8 thrilling rounds waiting for you. A table can hold 3 to 5 people and can be booked at The Social Pop Quiz facebook page. Who will be crowned winner this week and takes over the majestic title of Social Pop Quiz winner? Who will beat last weeks team Jeremy-NYX? Let the games begin!

Tonight, 15th of May
19.30 - 22.00
Chicago Social Club

Flyer by Mauseburger and Robbie Baauw

●Spotted! Bonne at Backstage Bar!●

12 May 2013

All a party truly needs is a hot, handsome, track slayer.

Images by Berg Dot JPEG.

●Dream Combination●

11 May 2013

Gianni at the door and The Sweethearts inside with free booze? Yes, thats what they call a dream combination. Get yours this Saturday at Backstage!

Saturday, 11th of May
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00


10 May 2013

Find Hey Girl Hey this Friday at Room 1 in Club NYX. A nineties night with the R&B loving Hey Girl Hey seems like a match made in heaven.

Friday, 10th of May
Club NYX
23.00 - 05.00

●Gianni for Pinar&Viola●

10 May 2013

Star graphic designers and Dazed&Confused columnists Pinar&Viola present a serie of eight self-portraits of young girls making themselves look like dolls. B.O.M. invited the two to show their 'I'll Make You Feel Real' exhibition at the Lobster house. Real life doll Gianni Bab hosts the door at the Ludwig afterparty, so the beauty starts right there.
A true go see that event.

Friday, 10th of May
Lobster House
18.00 - ?
Afterparty at Ludwig

●Orthogon Wolf NYX op Donderdag●

09 May 2013

Tonight Orthogon Wolf hosts NYX op Donderdag. It is there first time and we can't wait to see what they are going to do with it. Cool music, cool boys, a cool night guaranteed. Next week we will be back with Keep it Classic.

Tonight, 9th of May
Club NYX
23.00 - 04.00

●KDA at I Love Fake Overview●

09 May 2013

A very wild issue 4 lauch party they served. I love Fake gave us young punks and booze. No complaining here. Doppelgang took care of the fantastic music.

Images by Maarten Nauw.

●Robbie back at Super Social●

09 May 2013

It has been a while, but Robbie is happily back at the Super Social door. Spot him upcoming Thursday locking and blocking.

Thursday, 9th of May
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●Doppelgang at ADCN Awards●

08 May 2013

Our super Doppelgang twins and Soundscape Music throw the official afterparty for the ADCN awards. Loads of fun guaranteed!

Wednesday, 8th of May
Gashouder, North Sea Jazz Club
01.30 - 03.00

●KDA at Prestage overview●

07 May 2013

What a good anniversary party at the last Prestage Magazine launch. And with the help of Bonne Reijn, Nick Verstand and Valentijn de Hingh we could dance all night long. Thanks for a great evening Prestage!

●Kitsch Club ft KDA●

06 May 2013

The Sweethearts, Gianni Bab and Sheezo Hoo had a little roadtrip to go and work Monsieur Moustache. Great evening!

Images by Sheeza Hoo.

●Iggy Azalea loves MMJP●

06 May 2013

Wow, Iggy Azalea goes head to toe MaryMe-JimmyPaul. Very proud of the star designer/Hey Girl Hey dj Jimmy Paul!!

●Happy Valentijn Day!●

05 May 2013

Happy birthday, you lean, mean, record spinning, super model machine! We love you and wish you the happiest day.

Image by Mauseburger and Robbie Baauw.

●Now&Wow goes KDA●

04 May 2013

A wonderful evening with a sickening team. Cleo, Lisa Schaduw, Doppelgang, Gianni Bab, Sheeza Hoo and Sweethearts all working on one night equals too much fun.

Images by Tatiana Stoute and Now&Wow.

●G at B●

04 May 2013

Saturday night means Gianni at Backstage night. Amsterdam is getting addicted to this supreme host. Get your fix tonight!

Image by Berg Dot JPEG

●Team Room Service at NYX●

03 May 2013

Last Room Service, Knuckle Duster dj's Valentijn de Hingh and Hey Girl Hey blew up room 2 at club NYX. Packed from beginning to end they made everybody bump and grind. Sweetheart Mars Dee and our VJ Mauseburger where there to flex some muscles as well.

●Foam Magazine Super Sale Party●

03 May 2013

Today Foam hosts a big magazine super sale party. Rules are very simple, you pay 8 euro's and bring home 2 magazines :) Besides that, Doppelgang, Bonne Reijn and Nick Verstand (YOU & ME) come by to play some nice tunes while you can enjoy some drinks. Since there are over 880 people attending, I suggest to come early.

Image by Kirsten van Santen

Today, 3th of May
At &Foam
17.30 till 00.00

●First NYX op Donderdag●

02 May 2013

Check out these images of the very first collective NYX op Donderdag! Bonne Reijn and Lisa Schaduw were representing us with some Keep It Classic music. Every Thursday a different hosting party runs NYX op Donderdag. Tonight you can find the SFFRMKRS crew, find us in three weeks from now with Keep It Classic.

Images by Marit van den Berg.

●Hey Italia Hey●

02 May 2013

Tonight from 00.30 till 03.00 Hey Girl Hey will be playing at Bar Italia. Come by for a little dancing and drinking.

Image by Walter Vroegop.

●New MM-JP Collection!●

02 May 2013

Stop and stare at this beautiful new MaryMe-JimmyPaul collection. Fantastic pieces and head to toe looks. Taller then life model/KDA dj Valentijn de Hingh shines in this gorgeous lookbook. Soooo good!

Images by Semuel Souhuwat.

●Sweethearts at Kingsland●

29 April 2013

Tomorrow we celebrate our new king at Kingsland festival. The Sweethearts and other great Amsterdam based performers will do a parade around the festival. We hope to see you there!


28 April 2013

Nick Verstand throws an ass popping TwerKING fiesta upcoming queens night. Djs MAYO, Bonne Reijn, Nick Verstand and Doppelgang deliver the music. Knuckle Dusters own queen Gianni will host the door. Hope to see you there.

Monday, 29th of April
22.00 - 02.30
Free entrance!

●Hail to the host●

27 April 2013

Tonight Gianni Bab is back at the Backstage door. Come by to dance, drink and get mesmerized by Gianni.

Tonight, 27th of April
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

Image by Laura Andalou

●Doppelgang at Housewarming●

26 April 2013

More Knuckle Dusters in Rotterdam tonight! Doppelgang will be one of the DJ's at the brand new club Housekamer. The boys are ready to tear it up.

Club Housekamer(Official opening)

●Tour de Vanillia●

26 April 2013

Lisa Schaduw continues her tour with Vanillia. Spot them tonight at Boutique in Rotterdam.

18.00 - 21.00
Boutique Rotterdam

●Knuckle Duster at Mysteryland●

25 April 2013

We are super excited to announce our very own stage at Mysteryland, called the Knuckle Duster Dome. We will present an out of space sound, look and vibe combined with a killer lineup. We are proud to present:

SKIP&DIE (live)
Bart B More
Palmbomen (DJ set)
Mr. Wix
Cata Pirata + Maximin (DJ set)
Nick Verstand
Bonne Reijn
The Sweethearts

Hope to see you all there :)

●Happy Ronald Day●

25 April 2013

Our very own fierce sweetheart Ronald celebrates his birthday today. Happy birthday and lots of kisses!


22 April 2013

Check out the beautiful Valentijn de Hingh and Sheeza Hoo in the newest L'HOMO. Marco van Rijt shot the two Knuckle Dusters. Today the issue will be launched, so it must be available this week :)
JeanPaul Paula styled there cool looks, so a warm family affair once more.

●Gianni goes Chicago●

20 April 2013

Tonight the supreme host can be spotted at the Backstage door again. Make sure you don't miss out on this.

Tonight, 20th of April
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00


19 April 2013

Tonight we serve something extra special at Room 2 in Club NYX. Londons sexiest party returns to Amsterdam and team Valentijn de Hingh / Hey Girl Hey will heat up Room 2 like no other.
Come and see :)

Friday, 19th of April
Club NYX
23.00 - 05.00

Images by Sheeza Hoo

●Thunderdag on Friday!●

19 April 2013

Three teams stir up the Ludwig upcoming Thunderdag on Friday. With Knuckle Dusters Mayo and Hey Girl Hey in team batty and Thuderdag founder / Knuckle Duster dj Bonne Reijn in team Boeroe. Get your lighters on and trillen maar.

Friday, 19th of April

Image by Sheeza Hoo

●Spotted! Sad Lisa.●

17 April 2013


●Keep it Classic!●

16 April 2013

We are super excited about the very first Keep It Classic! We are one of the NYX op Donderdag hosting organisations and we come with our all classics, all night evening. All of our DJ's will be playing from time to time, so house classics, disco classics, hip hop classics, funk classics and pop classics will murder the dancefloor. Star host Gianni Bab at the door, Sheeza freakin beautiful Hoo behind the lens and a easy, fun loving night is born.


Cleo ft Lisa Schaduw // Doppelgang // Nick Verstand // Bonne Reijn // Hey Girl Hey // Gianni Bab // Sheeza Hoo

Image by Laura Andalou & Robbie Baauw.

Event here :)

Thursday, 18th of April
Club NYX
23.00 - 04.00

●The girls at Knokke●

15 April 2013

Knokke did not know what hit them when Sheeza Hoo and Gianni Bab came. Gianni Bab hosted this wonderful event, while Sheeze Hoo took your photo.

●Sweetheart Rachel.●

15 April 2013

Sisters united for the making of this gorgeous image. Sweetheart Laura Andalou shooting Sweetheart Rachel Tauwnaar.

●Spotted! Miss Pop Quiz Tan●

13 April 2013

Style icon and The Social Pop Quiz host Aynouk Tan spotted at the premiere of Queer Amsterdam.

●Happy wietske day●

12 April 2013

It's a big day today, our dearest Wietske celebrates her birthday and will make her DJ debut as the other half of the Sweetbeats. Happy birthday baby, we'll toast and twerk tonight at 3,2,1,!.

●Now&Wow Fest IV●

12 April 2013

We are planning to have double the fun this Saturday at Now&Wow fest IV. This time it will all be about stereotypes and twins. Twins and party equals Doppelgang, so the boys will be playing at the Supertoys and the main stage. Our two beautiful talented ladies Cleo and Lisa Schaduw will play back2back and we can't wait to check that out. Gianni Bab will be hosting with his sister Zoe, while some Sweethearts perform on stage. Hottie Sheeza Hoo will obviously take your photo. Go team go!

Saturday, 13th of April
Maassilo, Rotterdam
23.00 - 07.00

●Prestage ft KDA●

11 April 2013

Last night Amsterdam celebrated the issue lauch of Prestage magazine. We are featured in it,with four of our talented artists -Valentijn de Hingh, Sheeza Hoo, JeanPaul Paula and Doppelgang- and a truly amazing interview with Nick and Robbie by Leroy Aznam. We are so happy such a smart and beautiful magazine is made in The Netherlands. Fantastic job! Get your issue, you won't be sorry.

Images by Robin de Puy.


11 April 2013

Our number one springbreaker Lisa Schaduw will DJ at the premiere of "Springbreakers". Bikini time!

Friday, 12th of April

●Doppelgang goes I Love Fake.●

11 April 2013

Find the spinning twins tonight at the I LOVE FAKE #4 issue launch. Our I love Fake homies are going strong and we love supporting them. Party hardy time.

Thursday, 11th of April
Guns & Butter
19.00 - ?

●Hey We Can't Wait Hey●

10 April 2013

Our very own HipHop glitter zombies return at Super Social this Thursday with their killer beats. Come and for some poppin and lockin. The girls open, so be early.

Thursday, 11th of April
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●MM-JP in Turkish Vogue●

10 April 2013

We love this movie like feeling in this Turkisch Vogue image. We love the MM-JP feather jacket even more. Find the designer this Friday DJing as Hey Girl Hey at 3,2,1,!

●NYX op Donderdag●

09 April 2013

We are very excited about our new night at the NYX. Every Thursday will be hosted by one of the four hosting organisations. Upcoming Thursday all four of us host the first one together. SFFRMKRS, Orthogon Wolf, Kells & Bambino and Knuckle Duster dj's Lisa Schaduw and Bonne Reijn are ready for a killer kick-off. Hope to see you there.

Thursday, 11th of April
Club NYX
23.00 - 04.00

●Mandown by Sheeza Hoo●

09 April 2013

Sheeza Hoo took your photo at last weeks MANDOWN. Here a little selection, find the complete album at the facebook page of Coco&Loulou.

●Happy Knuckle Duster Day!●

09 April 2013

Upcoming friday (10/04) we celebrate already two years of Knuckle Duster Agency. We are so proud and happy and hope you all come celebrate with us at 3,2,1,! Hieperdepiep!

●Prestage Issue Launch●

09 April 2013

Prestage launches a new issues of their wonderful magazine. Music will be done by Knuckle Duster heavy weights Valentijn de Hingh and Bonne Reijn. Lets have a fun Wednesday evening.

Wednesday, 10th of April
Van Dyckbar

●Mayo thunderstraal mix●

08 April 2013

A good day ends best with a fantastic MAYO mix. Enjoy!

●H&M loves Laura●

08 April 2013

H&M loved Viktor&Rolf, Kylie Minogue, Margiela and now Laura Andalou :) H&M decided to love music this summer and comes with a clean festival wear collection. They picked 10 ambassadors to promote their new line, our beautiful Sweetheart Laura Andalou is one of them.

Image by Elza Jo.

●Shine bright like a rainbow●

08 April 2013

COC Netherlands invites you to a big protest against the Russian anti-gay law on Monday April 8. The event will take place at Oosterdok in Amsterdam, right next to the NEMO museum. Russian president Putin will be having dinner at that moment.

Dress up in one of the colors of the rainbow if you please. The rainbow is the international symbol of lesbians, gays,, bisexuals and transgenders around the globe. But Russia is about to prohibit use of the rainbow as a symbol of LGBT pride if the anti-gay law is passed.

The demonstration will start at 7 PM. Oosterdok is just a five minutes walk from Amsterdam Central Station. Part of the stage program will be Russian LGBT's speaking about the situation in their country.

We think it is very important to make a stand against hate. Please all come by to proof love is stronger.

●Lisa Schaduw for FoA●

07 April 2013

Spotted! The beautiful Lisa Schaduw for First of August.

●Holler at Backstage●

06 April 2013

Come holler at the beautiful Gianni Bab tonight at Backstage - Chicago Social Club. Great people, fantastic music and one hell of a doorhost.

Tonight, 6th of April
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Spotted! Viva la Sweethearts.●

05 April 2013

Spotted! Gorgeous Sweetheart Jorge in Paris.

●Happy NYX day!●

04 April 2013

Happy six month anniversary dear NYX! We love working and twerking with you. See you tonight at the celebration and lets have a good one. Congratulations :)

●Super Social Sweethearts●

03 April 2013

For a couple of months now our very own Robbie Baauw took over the styling for the Super Social posters. This month Sweethearts Wietske and Sarah will be starring every week on a new poster throughout the city. All images by Lo Andela.

Check out the newest Super Social tomorrow tonight :)

●We Are Collision Magazine●

03 April 2013

Check out this beautiful feather jacket by MM-JP/Hey Girl Hey's Jimmy Paul. SO good.

●The Social Pop Quiz●

02 April 2013

YESS, the date is set! 24th of April it is on!
A brand new quiz hosted by Knuckle Dusters Aynouk Tan and Robbie Baauw. Expect questions from all times and of all genres in pop history, with some additional alternative rounds.
Make sure your team has a table by sending us a message on The Social Pop Quiz Facebook page. A team has to consist of at least 3 people and a maximum of 5. Entrance is €5, including a kick off shot and fabulous prizes for the winners. We can't wait! Hope to see you all there. Share this so all your friends can join as well :)

Wednesday, 24th of April
Chicago Social Club
Start: 19.30

●Spotted! Sweetheart Judith●

01 April 2013

Sexy Sweetheart Judith spotted backstage changing for a show.

Image by Sanne Glasbergen

●Back at Backstage●

30 March 2013

The pretty face of almost every door in Amsterdam, can be spotted tonight at Backstage - Chicago Social Club. No matter how cold it is outside, Gianni Bab will keep you warm standing in line with his radiating looks.

Image by Laura Fotomeisjes.

Tonight, 30th of March
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Voltjok ft Valentijn●

30 March 2013

Come find Valentijn at Voljok in Deventer. Miss 1.92 is ready to blow some ears and kill dein feet, but will be good to your eyes, guaranteed. #easter_rhyming

Saturday, 30th of March

●Hey Gay Hey●

29 March 2013

Tomorrow Hey Girl Hey will bring a load of glitter, blood and hiphop beats to the NYX. Find them popping and dropping in Room 2.

Image by Robbie Baauw

Tomorrow, 30th of March
Club NYX
23.00 - 05.00


29 March 2013

Come bump and grind tonight at The Ludwig. Coco and Loulou brought in Sheeza Hoo to take your photo at their Mandown fiesta. God knows Man will get down when Sheeza is around..

Image by Sheeza Hoo.

Tonight, 29th of March
23.00 - 04.00

●Sweethearts for Bas/Wella●

28 March 2013

Check out The Sweethearts and Doppelgang working it out for Bas Kosters/Wella.

Images by Marc Deurloo.

●Open and Close●

27 March 2013

There is something about Valentijn that makes people want to clap and stand up, when she walks around the corner of a runway. This phenomenon often manifests in her opening and closing the show. Like last week at Jan Boelo his wonderful show.

●Hema Hero 16●

26 March 2013

X Robbie Baauw.

●Doppel Now&Wow mixtape●

26 March 2013

Our favorite look-a-likes made the official mixtape for the upcoming Now&Wow fest. Just click on play and get in the mood for Doppelgang at Now&Wow fest part 4!

●JeanPaul ft Mykki Blanco●

26 March 2013

An amazing new Glamcult cover starring Mykki Blanco shot by our homie Marco van Rijt and styled by our DJ JeanPaul Paula.


22 March 2013

Saturday night, means Gianni at Backstage night. Want to find out what kind of amazing look he is pulling of this time? Come by and see.

Saturday, 23th of March
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Hey NYX Again Hey●

21 March 2013

Find Hey Girl Hey this Friday back at Club NYX, room 2. The duo will play all their favorite r&b and hiphop hits, so a sweaty night guaranteed.

Friday, 22th of March.
Club NYX
23.00 - 05.00

●Can You Feel it with Sheeza●

21 March 2013

Our beautiful Sheeza Hoo will take your photo upcoming Saturday at MayDay's Can You Feel It. If you're lucky, she'll will live up to what her name promises. Come and get shot by Amsterdam's favorite youngster .

Image by Robbie Baauw.

Saturday, 23th of March.
Club AIR.
23.00 - 05.00

●Super Social with Robbie●

21 March 2013

Find Robbie tonight at the Super Social door. Its bound to be a great night, with some fantastic music. Hope to see you there.

Image by Marit van den Berg.

Tonight, 21th of March
Chicago Social Club
23.00 04.00


20 March 2013

A wonderful mix, by a wonderful dj. Sit back and enjoy some Shadow time.

●Spotted! Cleo&Doppelgang at Magic●

19 March 2013

A great night with great dj's at Magic ;) A fun little road trip with Doppelgang and Cleo.

●Doppelgang goes Groningen●

16 March 2013

Krause will be releasing het new album "Tenderfoot" at Vera in Groningen today, with trusted support from our star twins Doppelgang. So if you're in Groningen be sure to drop by for some tasty beats.

Saturday, 16th of March
00.00 - 04.00
Vera, Groningen

●3,2,1,! - Part 11!●

16 March 2013

After a booming part 10 only a smashing part 11 may follow. And that is exactly what we are planning to do, especially since we will be celebrating our two year anniversary!
We are fed up with these winter winds and declare Spring/Summer 2013! BBQ realnezz, mini mini skirts, shirtless on the bike, sex is in the air kinda Spring/Summer. So no matter what weather it may be the 12th of April, the birds will be singing at 3,2,1,!

Room 1:

Valentijn de Hingh
Hey Girl Hey
The Sweetbeats

Room 2: Turbo Meta

Mr. Wix
Bonne Reijn

Door by:

Gianni Bab

Photo's by :

Sheeza Hoo takes your photo

Performance by:

The Sweethearts


16 March 2013

Catch Hey Girl Hey this Saturday shaking their booties at club NYX. You can find them in Room 2 :)

Image by Fabian Landewee voor FPQ.

Saturday, 16th of March
23.00 - 05.00
Club NYX

●Gi-hunny at Backstage●

15 March 2013

Come and see the ray of light named Gianni Bab at the Backstage door this Saturday.

Saturday, 16th of March
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

Image by Laura Andalou.

●MMJP in DASH Magazine●

14 March 2013

This beautiful MaryMe-JimmyPaul dress and headpiece are featured now in DASH Magazine. The MMJP designer / Knuckle Duster DJ can be spotted tonight at Bar Italia and Saturday at the NYX as Hey Girl Hey.

●KDA at Dagschotel●

14 March 2013

A wonderful team, created a fantastic night at Dagschotel. Mayo, Doppelgang and The Sweethearts attacked it full throttle and had an amazing time.

Images by Raisa Kingma.

●When the world loves a Woman.●

13 March 2013

Oh, the dreamy woman The Sweethearts are. Look at the beautiful Wietske to
enlighten your day.

Image by Richard Bakker.

●Doppel Dj Broadcast●

13 March 2013

After winning de Gouden Kabouter, our superstar duo Doppelgang, was interviewed by DJ Broadcast. Read the interview by clicking on the link below.

Interview here :)

●And the winner is!●

12 March 2013

Last night The Golden Gnome awards ruled the city. All party animals came together at the Paradiso to celebrate nightlife. Highlight of the night definitely was Doppelgang winning best new talent! Congrats boys, you deserved it.

●River Island Rihanna review●

10 March 2013

Three days ago we worked together with Rihanna for River Island for their first ever presentation in Amsterdam. Four of our Sweethearts modelled the beautiful clothes, while Valentijn was playing her music and Gianni hosted at the door. We are very happy to see commercial brands like River Island are ballsy and fearless enough to pick models and dj's out of the ordinary.
ELLE.be complimented our beautiful Sweethearts and dj Valentijn de Hingh at the ELLE blog as well.
All together, a really nice event.

Images by OONA Amsterdam.

●Mayo Mixtape●

09 March 2013

Always a treat when MAYO comes with a new mixtape. All you need to do is press play and enjoy.

●Backstage Bab day.●

09 March 2013

Saturday means Gianni Bab at the Backstage door. Our beloved host is spottable everywhere in our country, but you know where to find him most of the time at Saturday. Backstage - Chicago Social Club.

Image by Robbie Baauw

Saturday, 7th of March
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Hema Hero 15●

09 March 2013

X Robbie Baauw

●Where the Hoo things are.●

08 March 2013

Catch our little baby Sheeza Hoo this Saturday at Where the Wild things are festival. The beauty will be shooting photo's for Paardenkracht. Have fun!

●MM-JP Phoenix Magazine●

08 March 2013

The rise and rise of MaryMe-JimmyPaul. Check their must have coat out now in Phoenix Magazine.

●Cata&Maximin go Tivoli●

07 March 2013

Cata Pirata and Maximin are back for a little while in our beloved city. Tivoli de Helling - Utrecht is one of the lucky ones who could get his hands on this magical dj duo. Find the two upcoming Friday in the Tivoli - Dagschotel.

Image by Robbie Baauw

Friday, 8th of March
Tivoli - De Helling
23.00 - ?

●L'officiel Loves ●

05 March 2013

L'officiel decieded to dedicate an edition to the "Next big things". Spot our very own next big dj stars Valentijn de Hingh and Cata Pirata in the music segment. Beautiful photography by Philip Riches.

●Spotted! Two years of CSC!●

04 March 2013

What a birthday, what a night! Robbie hosted the pre-party and the party which already was sold out around two. Luckily a bunch of Knuckle Dusters dropped by to come and give him a kiss every now and then. Can't wait for three years of CSC!

●Sweetheart by Sweetheart●

03 March 2013

The very talented photographer/Sweethearts performer Laura Andalou, shot her beautiful Sweetheart sister Wietske Norbart. So sexy!

●Spotted! Aynouk in Grazia●

03 March 2013

The true Dame of Knuckle Duster named Aynouk Tan, is starring in Grazia. Looking absolutely fabulous as always.

●Backstage Bab●

02 March 2013

Catch our number one tonight at another edition of Backstage. The Chicago Social Club celebrates two years of partying, so come early.

Image by Tim Verhallen.

Tonight, 2th of March
23.00 - 05.00
Chicago Social Club

●Glamcult issue 2●

02 March 2013

Glamcult issue 2 is out now and deff worth picking up. Marco van Rijt and our superstar dj JeanPaul Paula did an amazing story.

●Liesje goes Vanillia●

02 March 2013

Lisa Shaduw is continuing her Vanillia tour. Its a happy affair between the clothing brand and our sexy dj. Today you can find the two at an event in Eindhoven. Enjoy!

Image by The Shelter.

●Do Not Disturb!●

01 March 2013

Knuckle Duster artists Cleo, Doppelgang and Sheeza Hoo will all be heading to Antwerp to help create a fantastic night above Magic. Monsieur Moustache will host this event, so a good night is guaranteed.

Saturday, 2th of March
23.00 - 04.00
Ramada Plaza Hotel

●Paloma hearts MaryMe-JimmyPaul●

01 March 2013

The super label by Hey Girl Hey dj Jimmy Paul and his partner in crime Marie is not only loved by us. More and more stylists and stars are spotted in their wonderful designs.
Check out singer and fashion darling Paloma Faith in MMJP.

●Hey Brooke Candy Hey●

28 February 2013

Upcoming Friday Hey Girl Hey plays at the NYX with the one and only Brooke Candy. Both very HipHop, very colorful and very cool. Come by to see miss Candy and Hey Girl Hey and get ready to shake your ass.

●Doppel goes Krause●

28 February 2013

Upcoming Friday the talented electronic band Krause releases their "Thenderfoot" album at the OT301. The Doppelgang boys will be playing as well, so come by and enjoy!

Images by Sheeza Hoo.

Friday 1st of March
22.00 -
Entrance 7 euro

●KDA for Rihanna River Island●

28 February 2013

Rihanna comes hard, with a super sexy, island realness, bad ass collection for River Island. Beautiful long skirts and dresses, complimented by loads of belly peek a boo's. Upcoming Monday, the line will be presented at River Island - Amsterdam, for the first time. Our lovely Sweethearts will be showing the pieces, while Gianni Bab greets you at the door and Valentijn de Hingh takes care of some real good Rihanna tunes.
Tuesday the collection will be for sale and we highly recommend to go see it. It is really good.

●Spotted! Valentijn at the NYX●

27 February 2013

We danced our socks of at the NYX last time Valentijn was playing. So much fun!

●Happy Chicago Social Day!●

27 February 2013

Chicago Social Club celebrates their second birthday upcoming Thursday. Can't believe we've already been working together for two years now. A big fat congrats to our Backstage and Super Social friends, amazing job that you have done so far. We love working with you. Thursday Robbie will host the door, so put on a nice birthday suit and come party with us. Happy happy birthday Chicago Social Club!


26 February 2013

Every time he is serving it hot. Gianni Bab, you are amazing!

Image by Desire Berg Dot Jpeg.

●Spotted! Florian Mauseburger.●

26 February 2013

Check out our handsome visual artist Florian.

●Rachel by Pablo Delfos.●

25 February 2013

Our pretty Sweetheart performer Rachel shot by Pablo Delfos. Sweetheart Laura Andalou did the styling. Sweethearts taking over.

●Girls love Mayo●

25 February 2013

Mayo in action at Girls love Dj's. Our promised one is attacking al clubs, so keep your eye on our blog to find out where she is playing next.

●JPP by Carmen Kemmink●

24 February 2013

The wonderful JeanPaul Paula shot by Carmen Kemmink and styled by Alex van der Steen. Dutch pride ;)


24 February 2013

It took us a while, but we are Instagram active. If you like, you can follow us under Knuckle Duster Agency. No big surprise there :)

●Lisa and The Shelter●

23 February 2013

Power couple Boris&Boris created underground succes The Shelter, a hot party in the most literal way. For tonights edition they've invited Lisa Schaduw to play with and for them. Come by and a sweaty, hardcore and cool party awaits you.

Images by Desire van den Berg.

Tonight, 23th of February
Meneer de Wit
22.00 - 05.00

●Gouden Kabouter > KDA●

23 February 2013

We are so happy being nominated as an entire agency as well. We have been working as a family more then as a business, so being nominated for best new initiative feels really good. We are very proud and thankful and we would love for you guys to vote for us.

Vote for us on the link below :)

Vote for us here

●The Queen of Backstage●

22 February 2013

Head to toe flawless like always. Gianni Bab is with no doubt the hottest host in town. Spot him upcoming Saturday at the Backstage door.

Image by Laura Andalou

Saturday, 23th of February
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Gouden Kabouter > Nick Verstand●

22 February 2013

When you say backstage, we say Nick Verstand. Our big boss is always taking care of all of our acts at location and the fridge in the back. Time to vote for the men and honor him with a Gouden Kabouter!

Vote for him here

●Gouden Kabouter > Skip&Die●

22 February 2013

Skip&Die is nominated for best live performance! If you ever have seen them live you know what to do :) Vote for the amazing Cata Pirata and her super talented Skip&Die below.

Vote for them here


21 February 2013

We are always so proud to see our dj's going and growing strong. Bonne is kicking ass at the grand expo opening at THEANALOGUEDIARIES X NR9.

Image by Melisa Can.

●Dag/Schotel XL●

21 February 2013

Time for a little roadtrip towards Arnhem to shake things up a little. Mayo, Doppelgang and The Sweethearts will all be playing and performing at Luxor - Dag/Schotel, so if you're around, go and have a good old time.

Images by Sheeza Hoo

Saturday, 23th of February,
Luxor Live, Arnhem
23.00 - 04.00

●Gouden Kabouter > Valentijn de Hingh●

21 February 2013

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most stylish dj of them all? That was what "the golden Gnomes" wondered. Well, it is kind of easy to answer, since Valentijn de Hingh is one of the nominees. Go and vote for her on link link below.

Images by Denise Boomkens.

Vote for her here

●Gouden Kabouter > Doppelgang●

20 February 2013

Voting time again :) Our handsome and talented boys are nominated for best dj duo. Doppelgang have been working really hard on their djing and we are very proud were it is taking them. Go Doppelgang!

Vote for them here

●Happy Rein Day!●

20 February 2013

The happiest birthday to our amazing assistant Rein! Loads of kisses and cakes to you!

●Spotted! The stylish JPP●

20 February 2013

Although he is very busy being amazing in Paris now a days, he will always be our fantastic dj JeanPaul Paula. Love spotting him. See you as soon as possible baby.

●Supertoys by Sheeza●

19 February 2013

What a wonderful night we had at Supertoys! Knuckle Duster was hardcore represented by Doppelgang and Hey Girl Hey djing, Sheeza Hoo taking the photo's and Valentijn de Hingh mcing. Thank you Supertoys, it was a ball.

Images by Sheeza Hoo.

●Gouden Kabouter > Sheeza Hoo●

19 February 2013

The Gouden Kabouter (Golden Gnome) awards are Amsterdams biggest and meanest nightlife award show. A fun night honoring the dj's, performers, clubs and many more at Paradiso. Knuckle Duster is being nominated 5 (!) times and this week we will present you who and for what exactly. Starting with the gorgeous Sheeza Hoo. Our baby is being nominated for the DIVA award. Click the link to vote for Sheeza and while you're at it, please vote for our other nominees as well ;)

Vote for her here

●MMJP Dream Sequence ●

19 February 2013

The talenten London based surrealist image maker Madame Peripetie, shot this one of a kind MaryMe-JimmyPaul dress for Dream Sequence.

●Happy Rachel Day●

18 February 2013

Happy birthday to our pretty Sweetheart Rachel!

●Backstage with Bab●

16 February 2013

Enjoy your Saturday night with the hottest host on the block. Gianni will work Backstage, so party starts at the door.

●Team MC Vali / Sheeza Hoo●

15 February 2013

More Knuckle Duster fun tonight at Supertoys. The lovely Valentijn de Hingh will trade the decks for a mic tonight, to shake things up a little. All this madness will be captured by our little hottie Sheeza Hoo.

Tonight, 15th of February
Club Air
23.00 - 05.00


14 February 2013

We are so proud of Aynouk Tan. She curated her first exhibition ever and knowing her, it will be mind blowing and very interesting. She explored every inch of Tumblr to throw an unique exhibition about online identities back in our face. A must go we think. Lisa Schaduw will be present as well, for some nice tunes.

Tomorrow, 15th of February
Huis van Beeldcultuur
Reigerstraat 16, 4811XB Breda
15.00 - 23.30

●Weekly Gianni Fix●

14 February 2013

Get your weekly Gianni Bab fix tonight at Super Social. He will host the door and make you beg for more. #Rhyming skils.

Tonight, 14th of February
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●Happy Valentines Day!●

14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's day to all our beloved ones. We feel so loved by all the help and support we have received the past year. Thank you so much, we feel the same way about you :)

●3,2,1,! - Part 10 by Sheeza●

13 February 2013

What a great edition! Thank you Riff x Raff, Blaqqa Bang Bang, Gianni Bab, the Knuckle Duster dj's, all The Sweethearts, Luus Vink, Florian Mauersberger, all the party people.. Such an amazing night. Here a little preview from the 3,2,1,! - part 10 album, that you can find tomorrow morning on our Facebook page.

All images by our beautiful Sheeza Hoo.

●Supertoys Superstars●

13 February 2013

Upcoming Friday Knuckle Duster Agency will join forces with the amazing Supertoys crew. Both of the area's will be covered by two of our hottest dj duo's. Doppelgang and Hey Girl Hey are ready for some feet murdering action.

Friday, 15th of February
Club Air
23.00 - 05.00

●Meet Florian Mauersberger●

13 February 2013

Our agency seems to be growing every day a little by little, which give us the amazing opportunity to add some great new talents. Like Florian, a great VJ studying at the Rietveld and now our newest catch. The boy happens to have a great eye, while being very easy on the eyes ;) Florian will team up with our creative Robbie Baauw and they'll be working on club and event visuals, event teasers, music video's and short clips. We are so excited with you Florian, welcome to the team.

Image by Judith Siemons

●Hema Hero 14●

12 February 2013

X Robbie Baauw

●Sweetheart Judith●

11 February 2013

Check out the beautiful Sweetheart Judith working it for Roswitha Leuwol.

●Sweetheart Supermodel●

10 February 2013

Its prob. not such a big secret that our Sweethearts are devastately handsome underneath all those masks. Check out the beautiful Rolien lighting up the pages of several magazines.

●Backstage hartje KDA●

09 February 2013

We have been working together for quite some time now and we love it every time. We hosted the bar area with Knuckle Duster heavy weights Bonne and Mayo with Queen G looking flawless at the door. On to the next one :)

●MMJP ft Tirade Magazine●

07 February 2013

Find this killer MMJP dress featured in Tirade Magazine. Find the designer himself tomorrow djing at 3,2,1,! as Hey Girl Hey.

●Disco Day●

11 February 2013

The Sweethearts Judith and Manique dropped on the disco floor.

●Hey weekend Hey●

02 February 2013

What a treat! This weekend you can enjoy Hey Girl Hey two times in a row. Catch them Friday and Saturday at the Soho, filling your weekend with loads of nasty beats.

Friday and Saturday, 1th and 2th of February
23.00 - 04.00

●Bonjour Backstage●

01 February 2013

We will salute Backstage again this Saturday, with a magical Ménage à trois. Bad boy Bonne Reijn, Ruff Ryder Mayo and hosting goddes Gianni Bab, will represent us at this fantastic night.

Saturday, 2th of February
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Valentijn meets NYX●

31 January 2013

Come and see the beautiful and talented dj Valentijn de Hingh this Saturday at club NYX. Baby is sweet to the eyes, lovely for the eares, killing for your feet.

Saturday, 2th of February
Club NYX
23.00 - 09.00

●Sassy Sweethearts●

31 January 2013

Our sassy Sweethearts Amandla and Sammy spotted at Valhalla. These two truly now how to tear it up.

Images by Stefan Groenendijk

●Hey Mixtape Hey●

30 January 2013

Lets get it on with some Hey Girl Hey tunes. The first mixtape from our lovely dj duo. Some old, new and in between songs, to shake your ass on. For some live ass poppin, find Hey Girl Hey, nexy week Friday, 8th of February at 3,2,1,! Club Barkode.

●Bonne, Mayo, Backstage●

30 January 2013

It's been a while, but upcoming Saturday we will be back at Backstage, to host the bar. This time with killer dj's Bonne Reijn and Mayo. So if you're up for a terror night, we suggest the Backstage Bar :)

Saturday, 2th of February
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Hema Hero 13●

29 January 2013

X Robbie Baauw

●Doppel the Fashion.●

29 January 2013

It never gets old spotting your friends doing their thing. Check out the handsome Sander and Maurice working the runway at the Fashionweek. Spot them again at the next 3,2,1,! next week Friday Feb. 8!

●Fantastic Valentijn●

27 January 2013

Tonight Valentijn returns at the Fantastic party at the Jimmy Woo. All night hiphop beats and a lot of fun. Come see our amazon and end your week right.

Tonight, 27th of January
Jimmy Woo
23.00 - 04.00

●Spotted! KDA at Fashionweek.●

27 January 2013

The Amsterdam Fashion Week is ruling the city this week. An easy way to spot some great looks here and there. Like the Urban Visualist spotting our amazing Sweethearts Rolien and Ronald, while Team Peter Stigter layed their eye on the beautiful Aynouk Tan.

●Doppel NYX●

24 January 2013

Come check out our Doppel boys at NYX - Pony Club this Thursday. Fun night!

Club NYX
23.00 - 04.00

●The Sweethearts at Manifesto●

24 January 2013

A great night at I <3 Festo. The Sweethearts hosted the basement as little sweet pink puppies. Here shot, catching some breath.

●Super Social ft Gigi●

24 January 2013

Get Social with Gianni upcoming Thursday at Chicago Social Club. Baby will host the door, so a good start guaranteed.

●KDA at Elle Style Awards●

23 January 2013

Some Knuckle Dusters spotted at the Elle Style Awards 2013. We had a fun night out together with Cata Pirata being nominated, Sweethearts Xiomara and Rolien walking the show and the rest of us just supporting Cata. Keep an eye on the blog for more photo's poppin up soon.

Images by Team Peter Stigter

●Lisa Schaduw at Fashionweek●

23 January 2013

This evening Lisa Schaduw will be present at the Jacob Kok show and dj afterwards. So for you people going, enjoy the show and our sexy Schaduw.

Tonight, 23th of January
Fashionweek - Westergas
20.00 - 23.00

●Happy Robbie day!●

21 January 2013

Happy birthday dearest Robbie, you're the best! Lots of love, hugs and kisses.

●Sweetheart Laura at the Modefabriek●

19 January 2013

Sweetheart Laura Andalou is exhibiting her gorgeous photographs at the Modefabriek (RAI, Amsterdam) on sunday and monday. This girl is unstoppable.

●Penny University feat. MaryMe-JimmyPaul●

19 January 2013

Our multitalented Hey Girl Hey DJ JimmyPaul is presenting his "Europe" collection today at Penny University. Stop by and be amazed.

Saturday 19th of January 2013
(Opening with drinks by Oedipus Brewing and music by Olof Bergman)
16.00 - 19.00

Sunday 20th of January 2013
14.00 - 18.00

●GiGi loves Backstage●

18 January 2013

No matter how cold it gets, the one thing you can always count on is Gianni Bab hosting the Backstage door. So treat your self on a warm evening, with the hottest host.

Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Bonne does Antifashion●

18 January 2013

Every fashionweek we celebrate anti-fashion with Bas Kosters. A party filled with crazy outfits, nasty music and Knuckleduster's Bonne Reijn. This year for the first time held at Club NYX. We hope to see you all on this guaranteed fun night.

Club NYX
23.00 - 05.00

●Doppelgang at Fashionweek●

17 January 2013

A new Amsterdam fashion week means a new fashion week opening party. This year it will be hosted in Club Air, with fashion' s toyboys Doppelgang.

Friday the 18th of January
Club Air
23.00 - 04.00

●Happy Supersocial day!●

17 January 2013

Tonight we celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Super Social. And what better way to celebrate than with Robbie at the door? Stop by for a drink and warm yourself up.

Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Bread and butter Berlin●

15 January 2013

Our beloved boys are heading towards Berlin to shake up Bread and Butter. They are booked twice, so double the Doppelgang! Have fun!!

●Sharon Needles Night●

13 January 2013

Yesternight, Amsterdam was under the spell of Sharon Needles. Our very own Sheeza Hoo and Hey Girl Heys Jimmy Paul were there to steal some shine. Look at these sexy ladies! Images by NYX.

●Backstage baby●

12 January 2013

A new Saturday, means a new Backstage. Find fatal attraction Gianni Bab, breaking some hearts at the door.

●Spotted! Valentijn at Supertoys.●

12 January 2013

Our little miss superstar spotted at her gig at Supertoys.

Image by Sheeza Hoo - takes your photo.

●Hey Hey Hey●

12 January 2013

No Hey Girl Hey at the Soho yesterday, but don't worry, they'll make up for it tonight.

Saturday, 11th of January
23.00 - 04.00

●Spotted! Ace and Paula●

10 January 2013

Beside their bookings, you can find all of our artists dancing around together on their free nights as well. Spotted! Hot couple dj JeanPaul Paula and queen of mean > host Ace Dia.

●The Twintapes vol. 3●

10 January 2013

●Boys by Girls Mag●

10 January 2013

Beautiful MaryMe-JimmyPaul top in Boys by Girls Magazine. Spot the Hey Girl Hey dj Jimmy this Thursday at Bar Italia.

●Super Social by Sheeza●

09 January 2013

We had a lot of fun hosting Super Social. Thank you all for coming! Its so nice working together with such amazing people. Amsterdam is starting to become a melting pot again and that is exactly what we are trying to achieve. Thank you Sheeza Hoo, for the lovely photo's.

●Miss February 2013●

09 January 2013

We have been hoping this for ever and our dream finally came true. We got ourselves a calendar girl! Our sexy dj Cata Pirata, posing for Atlynn Vrolijk as Miss February 2013.

●Gianni by Tim Verhallen●

09 January 2013

Our hot host captured by Tim Verhallen. What a beauty.

●Hey 2 years Hey!●

08 January 2013

What a great time we had! Hey Girl Hey celebrated their two years of djing. A nice get together, where we danced from beginning to end. Special thanks to Soho and everybody celebrating.


●Spotted! Sammy Spears!●

08 January 2013

Sweetheart Sammy pulling a hit me baby one more time. SEXY!
Courtesy by Sheeza Hoo her wig.

Image by Sheeza Hoo - takes your photo.

●A Doppel Tee please.●

03 January 2013

Our TEE friends will get down with Doppelgang at their mucho fun TEE Party, upcoming Friday. A night filled with Indie, Electro, Trap, Techno, Dirty and Break Beats by all kinds of cool Amsterdam based dj's. We hope to see you there!

Friday. 4th of January
Studio 80
23.00 - 05.00

●Super Social x KDA●

02 January 2013

We are very excited to host the most popolair nigt of our little city. Knuckle Duster dj's, host, photographer and performers will give you all the lovin you need at tomorrows Super Social - Knuckle Duster edition. Doppelgang ft Nick Verstand, Sheeza Hoo, Mayo, Gianni Bab, Hey Girl Hey, Cleo and The Sweethearts will be in charge, all night. So we're hope you up girl, cause we are all coming over.

Thursday, 3th of January
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●Spotted! Sweethearts at Valhalla!●

02 January 2013

Spotted! The Sweetheart tearing Valhalla apart. The extremely big electronic festival was a big succes. Knuckle Duster hosted Nachtdivisie/Backstage and our girls made sure that job was done good. Spot them tomorrow performing at the Knuckle Duster Agency edition of Super Social.

●Underwear by JeanPaul Paula●

01 January 2013

Undies can be a lot of things, like boring, sexy or funny. But when your name is JeanPaul Paula, you can also make them amazing. Check out this cool underwear shoot, shot by Marco van Rijt en styled by our boy for WAD Magazine.

●And a happy new year!●

31 December 2012

So much thanks to everybody who believed and supported us this year. The people who booked us, the people coming to our parties, the people spreadinig kind words, the people working with us, we feel lucky with having such an amazing year. Its crazy realizing that all of this, is actually working :) We had great times together and we hope to create more of them in the upcoming year. But first of all, lets end this one well.

You can find us at New Years Eve at:

- Club NYX, with dj Valentijn de Hingh
- Soho, with dj's Hey Girl Hey
- Air - Can you feel it, with Sheeza Hoo - takes your photo
- Chicago Social Club - Nachtdivisie, Nick Verstand
- Patronaat - Mayo

Enjoy your last 2012 night and see you in the new year.


Images by Sheeza Hoo.

●Rivièra by MaryMe-JimmyPaul●

30 December 2012

A jaw dropping new collection by MaryMe-JimmyPaul. The HeyGirlHey dj Jimmy and his designer partner in crime Marie, treat us every collection on big, bigger and biggest. Valentijn de Hingh is starring as always, in their over the top, mind blowing photoshoots. Thrilling, exciting and unexspected designing is exactly what is missing. So thank you MaryMe-JimmyPaul.

Photography by Semuel Souhuwat
Makeup by Dewi van Rinsum

●Pink Clinic●

29 December 2012

Find Hey Girl Hey tonight at a new edition of Pink Clinic. Hope you're up for some bump and grinding.

Tonight, 29th of December
Soho, Amsterdam
23.00 - 04.00

Image by Sheeza Hoo.

●Backstage Business●

29 December 2012

The only thing that will come harder then the dj's tonight, is Gianni Bab at the door. You know its true.

Tonight, 29th of December
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

Image by Sheeza Hoo.

●TOPFEEST Paradiso●

29 December 2012

Tonight Knuckle Duster will return for the third time this week to infamous Paradiso. Tonight with the lovely Cleo and spinning twins Doppelgang. Make sure you go check them out, cause they are in for a party.

Tonight, 29th of December
Paradiso, Amsterdam
23.00 - 05.00

Image by Sheeza Hoo.

●Happy Nanna Day!●

28 December 2012

Happy happy birtday to our youngest Sweetheart. Have a great day pretty baby.

●I Love Festo●

26 December 2012

Manifesto, the overtop Joost van Bellen extravaganza is back. This year, returning to its former venue Paradiso, with Love as its theme. As every year, loads of dj's, performers and other entertainers are booked to make it a big happening. Extra fun this year will be the Paradiso basement, where JeanPaul Paula, Valentijn de Hingh, HeyGirlHey and The Sweethearts among some other friends will host a crazy night. So let the fun begin!

Thursday, 27th of December
Paradiso, Amsterdam
23.00 - 05.00
Sold Out.

●Happy Hey Girl Hey!●

25 December 2012

Hey Hurray Hey! Hey Girl Hey exist 2 years and what better way to celebrate then with a Hey Girl Hey party. We hope all our lovers come by at The Soho, where we make sure you have the most sickening Wednesday ever. It will become a night filled with the Hey Girl Hey sweethearts, all our nasty ass booty popping music and ofcourse a fierce ass Hey Girl Hey look. We can't wait!!!

Wednesday, 12th of December
Soho, Amsterdam
22.00 - ??

●Happy Sarah Day!●

25 December 2012

Its someone her bithday, hurray, hurray, its easy to see that is she. Happy birthday pretty Sweetheart. Party hardy time! Much love baby!

●Merry Pop Queers XL●

22 December 2012

Its time for a christmassy Fucking Pop Queers XL. Upcoming monday the Paradiso will be filled with happy, dancing, jingle bells schreeching boys and girls. HeyGirlHey will be attending for that little ghetto vibe every good christmas needs to have. They will open this big event, so make sure you come early. We are excited, hope to see you there.

Monday, 24th of December
Paradiso, Amsterdam
23.00 - 05.00

●Supertoys time●

22 December 2012

Supertoys is pulling an Oprah. Not only they'll give a way a great party, numerous of presents can be won as well. Gorgeous Knuckle Duster ladies Sheeza Hoo and Valentijn de Hingh will be representing for us, so a hot night guaranteed.

Saturday, 22th of December
Club Air
23.00 - 05.00

●Forever Young●

22 December 2012

When the guys and girls of the Zipper brought Forever Young to life, we were happy that another party beside 3,2,1,! loves and cherish mixing up music from pop to 90's house to hiphop. This Saturday they'll celebrate christmas with their Forever Young corny Christmas Party. And what better present can you get, then Gianni Bab hosting the door!

Saturday, 22th of December
23.30 - 05.00
Chicago Social Club

●Valhalla Festival●

21 December 2012

Amsterdam never had more young and upcoming organisations then we have now. New parties, new agencies, new collectives, all intending to make a better and bigger nightlife. Valhalla noticed and created an electronic festival to combine all the old and new together underneath one roof. A humongous party in the Rai is the outcome with over 11 organisations hosting stages. We will host the Backstage ft Nachtdivisie stage with The Sweethearts. Its gonna be big and its gonna be good. And with 12.135 people attending, we prob actually see you all there :)

Saturday, 22th of December
21.00 - 07.00
Amsterdam Rai
Tickets euro 44,50

●Hey World Ends Hey●

21 December 2012

Tonight the Soho throws a big world ending party, together with HeyGirlHey. And although it feels a bit weird, celebrating the end of men kind, it still beats sitting at home knowing happy hour started.

Tonight, 21th of December
22.00 - late
The Soho, Amsterdam

●Welcome to Dvars●

21 December 2012

A brand new bar at the Reguliersdwarsstraat. Dvars recently opened his doors and adds a great new atmosphere to the street. Every Friday the music will be done, by the lovely female dj's of our agency.

Friday, 21 of December
Reguliersdwarsstraat 44
22.00 - 03.00

●Super Socialisme●

20 December 2012

Tonight another Super Social with Robbie at the door. Get ready for a fun night with a frozen host. No bitching allowed.

●Happy Amandla Day!●

20 December 2012

Happyhappy birthday to our newest sweetheart Amandla!
Have fun tonight, much love!
Picture by Sheeza Hoo

●Cristel Ball●

20 December 2012

Sweetheart Laura Andalou took these beautiful pictures of Cata Pirata for young jewelry brand Cristel Ball. Ace dia did the makeup, so four sexy ladies created this fantastic shoot.

●Bonne for Vice●

19 December 2012

Tomorrow evening big boy Bonne will be present at the Vice Magazine office. for some delightful dj tunes. Beside that, his amazing "Bat Country" band, will perform as well.

●Rex Anniversary●

18 December 2012

Doppelgang, HeyGirlHey and The Sweetheart all worked their booties of at the Rex 4 year anniversary. Special thanks to Sheeza Hoo, for the pretty images.

●We love you more●

17 December 2012

The Scissor Sisters put our humble video on their Facebook and website! Thank you so much, smiles all over the place.

●Hottest host●

15 December 2012

Come and see Gianni Bab tonight at a new episode of Backstage. He is ready to butcher the good from the bad with a smile that launches a thousand ships.

Tonight, 15th of December
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Now&Wow fest 3●

15 December 2012

The third festival edition of the legendary party Now&Wow is almost ready to blow. This year we join forces again. Doppelgang will be djing at the Supertoys area and some of our Sweethearts will perform in the Now and the Wow. Sheeza Hoo will take your photo, so channel your inner early Now&Wow kid, and lets pretend it is 2005 again.

Tonight, 15th of December
Maassile Rotterdam
23.00 - 06.00

●A tale of two●

14 December 2012

A Mini expo by Cristel Ball & Laura Andalou. Beautiful things, to must see.

Saturday, 14th of December
Het Veem Theater
Van diemenstraat 410

●3,2,1,! - Part 9 Video●

14 December 2012

3,2,1,! Part 9, is just some little hours away. We know we are very excited and we hope you are too. With dj's like Mayo, Valentijn de Hingh and HeyGirlHey the mood will deff be upbeat and pumping. Sheeza Hoo will lick your face or take your photo and the queen Gianni Bab makes sure you've got a sassy welcome.
So we hope you're are ready, cause we know exactly what you need. Lets have a Housewarming, Motherfucker!

Click for fb event here :)

●Super Social 13/12●

13 December 2012

A cold night awaits, but don't let that stop you. There's nothing that can't be heated up by the Super Sized vodka that will be served. Robbie will take care of some fun and tears by hosting the door.

Tonight, 13th of December
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●Happy Wing Day!●

13 December 2012

Happy birthday Sweety Wing! ! ! May it be an amazing day.

●Hema Hero 12●

12 December 2012

x Robbie Baauw

●Elle Style Awards 2013●

11 December 2012

A new Elle Style Awards, means a new personal style award. Tjitske Reidinga (actress), Ntjam Rosie (singer), Sigrid ten Napel (actress), Georgina Verbaan (actress) and our very own superstar Cata Pirata (skip&die) are competing for this award. Last year Knuckle Duster dj Valentijn de Hingh won and with the entire fashion and nightlife of Amsterdam rooting for her, we hope this year won't be any different. A personal style award should be handed out to someone with a inspiring personal style, not because they are a celebrity.
So with that said, Cata, lets do this thang ;)

Vote here!

●Spotted! Duo Dreaming●

11 December 2012

Knuckle Duster duo's Soren and Doppelgang chilling after their Anarchic gig. A great evening.

Images by Sheeza Hoo.

●The Sweethearts Gold●

10 December 2012

The Sweethearts for Johnnie Walker Gold Label - Anarchic.

Images by Sheeza Hoo.

●Spotted! KnuckleDuster at Vanilia●

10 December 2012

Lisa Schaduw and HeyGirlHey represented us well at the new Vanilia / JAN collection. Our dj's spinned their songs, while buyers were going at it.

●The Rollin Party●

08 December 2012

Dutch super rap formation De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, Kamelenrace, FS Green and Knuckle Duster killer dj Mayo, will work side by side at The Rollin Party. Mayo is shooting high faster then a rocket, very curious where this puppy is landing. Unfortunately it is sold out (for the ones without a ticket), so for the lucky ones; Enjoy!

Saturday, 8th of December
Rollin Party
Podium Victorie
Breedstraat 33, Alkmaar
22.00 - 04.00

●Scotch & Soda & Cata●

08 December 2012

A beautiful portrait of our dj and Skip&Die goddes Cata Pirata for Scotch&Soda.

●Hey Boys Hey●

07 December 2012

Come find your favorite R&B/HipHop bloody glitter girls tonight at the Soho. The HeyGirlHey dj's will make you drop, shake and twerk. Ghetto guaranteed.

Tonight, 7th of December
23.00 - 04.00

●Backstage ft Boston Strip●

07 December 2012

Saturday night, Backstage night. Hottie host Gianni Bab will work and twerk the door.

8th of December
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●KDA goes Rex●

07 December 2012

Club Rex is celebrating 4 years of party time. Doppelgang, HeyGirlHey, Sheeza Hoo and The Sweethearts will al be present and working to celebrate. Our friends Bas Kosters and Joshua Walter will be there as well. We are ready to turn it out KnuckleDuster style and show Hilversum what we here for.

Saturday, 8th of December
Club Rex - Hilversum
23.00 - 04.00

●Mayo ft RiffRaff●

07 December 2012

More Knuckle Duster violence tonight at Super Social. Mayo joins RiffRaff at the bar area, for some extra dirrty beats.

Tonight, 6th of December
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●Doppel the fun at Nyx●

06 December 2012

New club Nyx, turned into an established place to go dance, real quick. Tonight they are serving doppel the fun with our Doppelgang boys.

Tonight, 6th of December
Reguliersdwarsstraat 42
23.00 - 04.00

●Liesje loves SuperSocial●

06 December 2012

And SuperSocial loves her. Tonight she returns at this successful Thursday night to make some heads and feet spin.

Tonight, 6th of December
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

Oldskool Schaduw image by Robbie Baauw

●I only party with the best●

06 December 2012

Amsterdams pride and joy/for ever boytoys Miktor en Molf, are launching a new project. An exhibition at serious art gallery Willem Baars Projects (representing talent like Rob Birza), that will sell some serious art. Radical abstract paintings by the boys themself, will be sold and showed. So coming by is definitely worth it.

Saturday, 8th of December
I only party with the best
17.00 - 23.00
Willem Baars Projects
Hoogte Kadijk 17

Facebook event here :)

●Amsterdam got talent●

05 December 2012

Duy Quoc Vo and Mo from topmodel agency Paparazzi models, are working on a serie of talented Dutch people. In their selection you can find top of the bill names like photographer Viviane Sassen, new illustration talent Jowy Maasdamme, the infamous stylist and museum curator Maarten Spruyt, autonomous designer Pieke Bergmans, top model Anna de Rijk and our very own Valentijn de Hingh (shot with her nephew Sebas, booker at Paparazzi) and Robbie Baauw.

●Happy Sinterklaas Day!●

05 December 2012

Its Sinterklaas his birthday, so for the ones celebrating, enjoy!

●Skip nd Die by Joost Vandebrug●

04 December 2012

Cata took a little trip to London to show them what Skip nd Die is all about. Our friend Joost Vandebrug used that fine opportunity, to make this beautiful shot of them.

●Tonkatom magazine launch●

04 December 2012

Spotted! The Doppel boys looking and playing amazing at the Tonkatom magazine launch. What a great word is Tonkatom by the way. Tonkatom.

●Olivia on Prestage●

03 December 2012

Prestage did a wonderful interview with fashion darling meets talented artist, meets Knuckle Duster dj Cleo. Read Olivia's entire interview by clicking on the link below. Definitely worth it.

Click here for interview :)

●Spotted! Ghetto Mermaid Gi.●

01 December 2012

You never know what kind of finger lickin look Gianni's pulls out his magical closet and owns the night with. We've spotted him serving, ghetto mermaid realness at the Backstage door.

●Bonjour Belgium!●

29 November 2012

The best jobs are the ones involving a roadtrip and thats exactly what this weekend is all about. The Sweethearts, Doppelgang, Sheeza Hoo and Nick Verstand are all heading towards Brussels and Antwerp to perform and dj at two marvelous events.

Day 1 will be taking care of by The Sweethearts and Sheeza Hoo. Our dreamteam will provide 3 kick-ass looks and performances at the fashionable, infamous Anarchic party in Brussels. Belgium based Soren will make you dance like no other, while Sheeza Hoo makes sure she captures the goods. Not forgetting to mention some other amazing artists, like Aeroplane and Jerry Bouthier are present in a incredible line-up.

Day 2 is all about Movember. Doppelgang, The Sweethearts and Nick Verstand will all perform and dj at this great event at Magic in Antwerp. Pretty baby Sheeza Hoo will take your photo, but a moustage is a must.

Drive safe honeys.

Friday 29th of November
Anarchic - Brussels
23.00 - 07.00

Saturday 30th of November
Magic - Antwerp
Movember closing party
23.00 - 07.00

●Spotted! Sweethearts for Bas.●

26 November 2012

Spotted! The Sweethearts working it for Bas Kosters at the Nieuwe Kerk for MuseumNacht.

Image by Marc Deurloo.

●Papercut and MMJP●

25 November 2012

The magazines love the items HeyGirlHey dj and MaryMe-JimmyPaul designer create. Check out this beautiful feather top in Papercut Magazine.

●Voltjok meets Doppelgang●

24 November 2012

Tonight Doppelgang joins the Voltjok party and will take care of the music among Joost van Bellen and the kaasverzamelaars. Amsterdam going Deventer and it seems to become hella good.

Burgerweeshuis, Deventer.

●GiGi Backstage●

24 November 2012

Gianni Bab entertains your this Saturday at the Backstage door. So party starts right there.

Saturday, 24th of November
Chicago Social Club
23.30 - 05.00


24 November 2012

Doppelgang was shot for a twins get-to-gether at Piet de Gruyter. Photo's of our very own handsome twins were hanging at the walls, so other twinnies could enjoy them.

Images by Eva Bartels.

●Hey Babes Hey●

23 November 2012

After two Saturdays in a row, its time for HeyGirlHey to go back to their beloved Friday night. Dirrty HipHop and R&B on demand, mixed with some nasty pop.

23.00 - 04.00

●Soren goes Kissinger●

23 November 2012

The museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp will showcase some true contemporay art upcoming Saturday. The infamous Kissinger celebrates 3 years of succes at this amazing location. Star dj's will perform among our own Soren stars :)

Saturday, 24th of November
M HKA/ Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp
21.00 - 07.00 (!)

Check FB event here :)

●Super Social ft Robbie●

22 November 2012

Robbie Baauw joins the Thursday night Super Social crew from now on. Catch him tonight at the door and bring some hot chocolate and a cute outfit if you're under 21.

Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00
Super Social

●Sheeza baby Hoo●

22 November 2012

Sheeza Hoo is taking your photo tonight at the Bugaboo event. Its seems to become a real fun night!

●Lisa Schaduw goes Chapter 21●

22 November 2012

Nice cocktails, a brand new club and a hot ass dj. Tonight at Chapter 21, Lisa Schaduw is serving nona manis realness.

Tonight, 22th of November
Chapter 21
21.00 - 01.00

●Doppelgang goes NYX●

21 November 2012

Tomorrow night the boys show what they've got at Club NYX. Double the fun from 01.00 till 02.30!

Tomorrow, 22th of November
Club NYX
23.00 - 04.00

●Cata for Modzik Mag.●

21 November 2012

Easy doesn't do it for our little pirate, so she comes harder and meaner, every time. That respected people over see recognize that, only feels logical. Modzik Magazine wanted a piece of this star as well and shot her amazingly for their new issue.

●Bugaboo ft The Sweethearts●

21 November 2012

The -stroller that makes you holler- company Bugaboo, has owned some serious points in the fashion field. Collaborating with talented labels like Missoni and Bas Kosters, showed that they were daring enough, to do more then the obvious. Upcoming Thursday, Bugaboo throws a good old party and The Sweethearts will be there performing for Bas Kosters, to make sure it will be memorable.

●New Mayo mixtape!●

20 November 2012

Time to dance on Mayo's new mixtape! Keep your eye on our new girl, she's gonna be grand.

●Spotted! Dirrty South.●

20 November 2012

Never mess with a Sweetheart of duty, cause this is who the really are.

●Amelie for Maison Martin Margiela H&M●

19 November 2012

We are so excited about Maison Martin Margiela's collaboration with H&M. The fact that Soren's Amelie is modelling for it makes it even more thrilling. You go girl!

●JPP for Glamcult Mag.●

19 November 2012

A new beautiful editorial by JeanPaul Paula and Marco van Rijt. Always fun to make great work with a great friend. Find their editorial now, in Glamcult.

●Old is the new young.●

18 November 2012

Spotted! KnuckleDuster Aynouk Tan with the phenomenal Petra Heyboer for Grazia Magazine. Gorgeous.

●Sir G-Bab at Backstage●

17 November 2012

Gianni Bab is ready to heat up your night a little more, by hosting the Backstage - Chicago Social Club door. So when your cold and in need of a flame, you know where to look.

23.00 - 05.00
Chicago Social Club

●Robbie at Super Social●

15 November 2012

Tonight, Robbie will host the door at Amsterdams favorite Thursday night. A brand new Super Social edition is just some tiny hours away from happening. Party time from 23.00 - 04.00. Be nice, or be blocked.

Chicago Social Club
Super Social
23.00 - 04.00

●3,2,1,! Part 8!●

14 November 2012

Thank you all so much for the best night ever! Dancing and smiling all night. Here's a little overview by Sheeza Hoo who took your photo.

We hope to see you at the next edition, Friday the 14th of December, at Club Barkode which will take over from Club Home. Let's see what they have done to the joint.

Check out all the pictures tomorrow, on our KnuckleDuster Facebook page.

●Cata in Prestage●

14 November 2012

Jungle Riot starter Cata Pirata now in Prestage magazine. Loving it.

Image by Robin De Puy.

●Princess Blue●

14 November 2012

Soren in action for addmyberry x Princess Blue = blueberry from Jackie Lee Antwerp.

●Rachel by Laura●

13 November 2012

The Sweethearts do not only dance, play and perform together. The girls all happen to be multi talented gorgeous super humans, who do much more beside performing for Knuckleduster.
Like here, where Laura Andalou beautifully shot Rachel Tauwnaar.

●Prestage Party●

13 November 2012

A great event by Prestage for the launch of their #5th issue. Prince charming Gianni Bab was hosting, while Bonne Reijn, Nick Verstand and Doppelgang were djing. Fun times.

●Computer Says Yes●

12 November 2012

Dj/Vocalist Cata Pirata and dj JeanPaul Paula are starring in this shoot for Vice Magazine. A spacey editorial, shot by Lotte van Raalte and also styled by JeanPaul.

Together in da club, together in the magazines :)


09 November 2012

So happy that the new 3,2,1,! is already tonight! And with hot adds like these, a crazy sexy attending list, the dirrty music dj's and The Sweethearts tricking, a super hot party is inevitable.
We hope to see you all tomorrow for one last 3,2,1,! at Club Home.

Music by Mayo, Valentijn de Hingh, Doppelgang and HeyGirlHey

Door by Gianni Bab

Sheeza Hoo - Takes your photo

Performance by The Sweethearts

Hasta la vista babies!

Friday, 9th of November
Club Home,
Wagenstraat 3
23.00 - 05.00

Click for FB event here :)

Images and text by Lisa Scheffer and Robbie Baauw.
Grafic design by the amazing Florian Mauersberger.

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

●The Pony Club at NYX●

08 November 2012

The Doppelgang boys will have a busy night, cause after Prestage they will be heading towards club NYX and make your Thursday night a lot of fun as well.

Tonight, 8th of November
Club NYX
Reguliersdwarsstraat 42
23.00 - 04.00

Facebook event here :)

●Hey Super Hey●

08 November 2012

Find HeyGirlHey tonight at Super Social at the Chicago Social Club. They are in the mood for some hot r&b and hiphop and make sure you'll be too. Catch them tonight from 23.00 till 00.30.

Thursday, 8th of November
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Prestage #5 party●

08 November 2012

Prestage magazine throws a kick-ass party today at Chapter 21. KnuckleDusters Nick Verstand, Doppelgang and Bonne Reijn will dj, while the sexy Gianni Bab hosts the door. Its a invite only event, so sadly we can't ask everyone to drop by. Have fun boys!

Today, 8th of November
Chapter 21

●Schaduw at SPRMRKT●

08 November 2012

Check out Lisa Schaduw today at the Campaign for Wool - SPRMRKT.

18:00-21:00 uur
Rozengracht 191

●Voordekunst Birthday!●

07 November 2012

Are you coming to celebrate the Voordekunst birthday as well? Sheeza Hoo will be present to have a ball, with all of ya'll :) There will be music, movies, dance, photography and a little pretty Hoo to take your photo.

Thursday, 8th of November
Pakhuis de Zwijger
20.00 - 01.00

Check FB page here

●Happy Sammy Day!●

07 November 2012

Today we celebrate the birthday of our pretty, lovely and dear Sweetheart Sammy. Much love for you baby.

●Pretty Sweetheart Nanna●

04 November 2012

Shot by Jan Willem Kaldenbach.

●Valentijn goes NYX●

02 November 2012

Tomorrow night, Valentijn de Hingh attends 3 x NYX. So if you're in the mood for catchy pop, some nasty hiphop and a sky high gogeous gal, room 1 at club NYX will be the place for you.

Saturday, 3th of November
23.00 - 09.00 (!)
Club NYX
Reguliersdwarsstraat 42

Image by Denise Boomkens.

●Hema Hero 11●

01 November 2012

Behind the Jungle Riot scenes. X Robbie Baauw.

●Happy Aynouk Day!●

30 October 2012

Its our beloved Aynouk her birthday! Happy happy happy birthday baby. You are amazing and we love you.

●Vote for Matterhorn!●

29 October 2012

Sorens Matterhorn party is nominated twice for a Red Bull elektopedia award! They have a chance of winning "Best Party" and "Breakthrough Party" and you can help them by voting for them. Congrats ladies!

Vote here :)

●Valentijns Fantastic Return●

28 October 2012

Our Fantastic friends invited Valentijn de Hingh back, to spin at their succesful Sunday night party. A weekly night, ruled by HipHop in the Jimmy Woo. Coming by as well?

Tonight, 28th of October
23.00 -
Jimmy Woo

●Schaduw at Frascati●

26 October 2012

Lisa Schaduw is ready to entertain the people attending to a new production at Frascati, with a lovely dj set. Enjoy!

Tonight, 26th of October
23.00 - 02.00
Frascati Theater Amsterdam

●More David Koppelaar!●

25 October 2012

We've spotted more David Koppelaar/Sheeza Hoo images by Reinier RVDA. Showing some serious 70's model realness.

●Pusha T ft Bonne Reijn●

24 October 2012

Tonight its on at Paradiso, with Bonne Reijn opening for Pusha T. How cool is that?!

●Happy Cleo Day!●

24 October 2012

Happy happy Birthday dear Cleo. We wish you a fantastic day, full of joy and fun. We send you kisses and love and lets celebrate soon!

●Doppelgang loves Supertoys.●

23 October 2012

And Supertoys loves Doppelgang. The beautiful resident dj love story continuous this Friday, at a brand new Supertoys in Club Air. Lets have some fun!

Friday, 26th of October
23.00 - 05.00
Club Air

Click for fb event here :)

●Andalou in little Soho●

23 October 2012

Our cutie Sweetheart Laura Andalou stars in an interview on littlesoho.com. Totally worth checking out, its about her photography talent and more.

●Happy Cata Day!●

21 October 2012

We wish you the happiest birthday dear baby. We love you.
Big kisses and loads of hugs from your KnuckleDuster Familia.

●Sweethearts and The Magician●

21 October 2012

Wow, The Sweethearts were sooo amazing at club Air their ADE night with The Magician. SO GOOD!

Images by Sheeza Hoo and De Fotomeisjes.

●Hey ADE Hey●

20 October 2012

The Amsterdam Dance Event is raging threw our city and Knuckle Dusters are working here, there and everywhere. During this week the Amsterdam nightlife changes for a week. The biggest dj's in the world are housing in every club we have and local dj's are running from place to place to show what they've got. Your weekly Soho HeyGirlHey Friday night changed a little as well because of this. HeyGirlHey is djing tonight from 23.00 - 00.00, playing the hottest r&b and hiphop.

Soho Amsterdam
Tonight, 20th of October
23.00 - 05.00

Image by Sheeza Hoo at 3,2,1,!

●Black Mountain College●

19 October 2012

The research and destroy department of Black Mountain College have their opening today. Knuckle Duster dj Cleo a.ka. talented artis Olivia Alders Plessers, exhibits some of her work together with many other artist to create a performance space.
So go by and see what they have in store for you.

Tonight, 19th of October
Warmoesstraat 139
21.00 - ??

Click for fb event here :)

●Aynouk in HP de Tijd●

19 October 2012

HP de Tijd, did an interview with our little style icon, about the way she lives. Go check it out and read it, cause our new found Rietveld teacher is very wise now a days :)

Image by Robin de Puy
Words by Pauline Bijster

●Can you feel it●

18 October 2012

Check out a part of the images Sheeza Hoo shot for MayDay her Can You Feel It birthday bash. Great photo's of a great night.

●Sheeza Hoo goes O.W.A.P.●

18 October 2012

Tonight our pretty lady will shoot you at Amsterdam Dance Events OWAP. Their 3 days event kicks off with Soul Heaven and promises to be a good one. Especially with Sheeza Hoo on board.

Tonight, 18th of October
De Bierfabriek
Rokin 75
23.00 - 05.00

●Tonight! Sweethearts with The Magician.●

17 October 2012

Spot them tonight in Club Air, dancing with The Magician.

Tonight, 17th of October
23.00 - 05.00

●Soren Interview●

17 October 2012

This Friday, Soren celebrates one year of their succesful Matterhorn party in Belgium. Strutter View.com did a cool interview with them, which you can read by clicking on the link below :)
Enjoy your one year anniversary girls!!!! Kick some ass!

The Soren Interview

Friday, 19th of October
23.00 - ?
Magic (desguinlei 94)

●3,2,1,! - Part 7-1 by Sheeza Hoo●

16 October 2012

What an exciting night! What a lovely vibe! Part 7 was truly all about fun. Thank you all for being there. Lets do it again sometime? Like Friday the 9th of November? Club Home? Doppelgang, Cata ft Maximin, HeyGirlHey and Valentijn de Hingh? Gianni Bab at the door? Sheeza Hoo takes your photo?

●3,2,1,! - Part 7-2 by Sheeza Hoo●

16 October 2012

What an exciting night! What a lovely vibe! Part 7 was truly all about fun. Thank you all for being there. Lets do it again sometime? Like Friday the 9th of November? Club Home? Doppelgang, Cata ft Maximin, HeyGirlHey and Valentijn de Hingh? Gianni Bab at the door? Sheeza Hoo takes your photo?

●Riots in Paradiso.●

16 October 2012

Last week Cata Pirata's Skip nd Die joined forces with Colette and Andrea Crews. Among other very talented music acts they blew the roof of Le Tigre Paris. We are super proud, but the fun doesn't stop there. Tomorrow night Paradiso will have the honor of being the venue to house the Dutch album release party. A release party creating a buzz like no other. It is sold out, so for the lucky ones, see you tomorrow. Its gonna be something else, riots in the jungle!

Images at Andrea Crews, Colette party.

Wednesday, 17th of October
Paradiso, upstairs concert room
20.30 - ?

●Vaal for David Lynch/Dom Pérignon.●

15 October 2012

Right now our tall beauty Valentijn is djing at the David Lynch for Dom Pérignon launch. Three icons matching togerher perfectly.

●Prouts short Stories●

14 October 2012

Sweetheart Rolien stars in a beautiful exhibition from the 1st of November till the 1st of December 2012. Come by to see her and many others at the Forman's Smokehouse gallery in London.

●Mayo for Girls Love Dj's●

13 October 2012

Upcoming Saturday, new girl on the block Mayo joins the Girls love DJs crew for some extra fun. They host their party in Club Air, a great night awaits.

Click here for Facebook page :)

Saturday, 13th of October
Club Air
23.00 - 05.00

●The Magician Night●

11 October 2012

Next Wednesday, Air proudly presents a night with the Magician. Amsterdam Dance Events (ADE) starts off great with this night. Amongst others, magical men The Magician, Moon Boots, Maxxi Soundsystem, Perseus and Jonas Rathsman will take care of the music, whilst The Sweethearts will do their thing.
Come by this midweek break and have a jolly good time.

Wednesday, 17th of October
Club Air
23.00 - 05.00

Click for the event page here :).

●Nick Verstand at Boog●

12 October 2012

A new club joined Amsterdam's nightlife, Boog recently saw the light of day and is ready for action! Nick Verstand will join them this Saturday to perform a hot dj set.

Saturday, 13th of October
Handboogstraat 17-19
22.00 - 02.00

●Lisa Schaduw at Chapter 21●

11 October 2012

Tonight, Lisa Schaduw spins the music and your head at chapter 21. Come by to dance and do the Schaduw.

Tonight, 11th of October
Chapter 21
Jonge Roelensteeg 21
22.00 - 01.00

●Blown Away●

11 October 2012

This Saturday, the Sweethearts will give a 3 hours catwalk perfomance at Rotterdam's "Blown Away". A great event with amazing DJs like Secret Cinema, Ted Langebach and the talented Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest. Hope to see you there.

Saturday, 13th of October
Fenix Loods Rotterdam
18.00 - 01.00

●Happy Doppel Day!●

10 October 2012

One day late, but still heartfelt.. The sweetest twins celebrated their birthday and we are so happy to have them as our little brothers. Sander and Maurice, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY babies!

●3,2,1,! - part 7 Video●

10 October 2012

It's almost here, 3,2,1,! Part 7! Hope you are as ready as we are, because we have some exciting things in store for you. This Friday, 12 October at Club Home, time for FIESTA!

3,2,1,! - Part 7 from Knuckle Duster Agency on Vimeo.

Click for the event page here :).

●Spotted! Robbie at the door●

08 October 2012

Image by Sweetheart Laura Andalou at Backstage.

●3,2,1,! part 7!●

08 October 2012

Beside all the great parties we are part of, our own 3,2,1,! feels like home. A good reason to all come together, to have a good time. We spot all types of faces that are part of Amsterdams colourful nightlife and that makes us happy. One night a month, we celebrate the many fantastic different people Amsterdam holds.

We can't wait, this one will be booming!

Music by Lisa schaduw, Valentijn de Hingh, HeyGirlHey and Mayo.

Sheeza hoo - takes your photo and Gianni Bab owns the door.

Performance and shots by The Sweethearts.


Click here for page :).

Thank you Walter Vroegop for the poster.

●MaryMe-JimmyPaul in WAD●

06 October 2012

With their infamous feather sweater.


06 October 2012

Bright star Cata Pirata is busy with a lot of press dates. Going around Europe, giving interviews and having photoshoots. Standard Magazine, Le Nouvel observateur, Colette Paris, Glamcult, DWDD, Vogue etc etc etc, she's doing them all. We're so proud of you baby.

Images Standrard Magazine and Glamcult Magazine.

●Happy Backstage Day!●

05 October 2012

Well, tomorrow actually. Our Backstage friends are one night's sleep away of becoming one year old! This baby is turning out to be a wonderful todler. KnuckleDusters Backstage resident hosts Gianni Bab and Robbie Baauw, will work the door together, so the party starts right there. The Sweethearts will take care of the security outside -Sweetheart style- and have a gift for you inside. So come by and celebrate one year Backstage.

Saturday, 6th of October
22.00 - 05.00
Chicago Social Club

Click for page here :).

Image with The sweethearts Rolien <3

●Can you feel it - Air●

05 October 2012

Diva MAYDAY is having her big birthday party this Saturday at Club Air, at her annual Can You Feel It party. Our very own diva Sheeza Hoo makes sure she and you will look gorgeous on her photos. We wish you a very happy birthday Diva MAYDAY.

Saturday, 6th of October
22.00 - 05.00
Club Air

Click for page here :).

●The Nine Streets●

03 October 2012

One of Amsterdam's most famous areas "The Nine Streets", is having the world premiere of a collective website. which they celebrate big. Lisa Schaduw is invited to make a mix for the catwalk presentation. Come by?

Friday, 5th of October
De negen straatjes
prinsengracht 467

●Glamcult October●

03 October 2012

DJ/stylist JeanPaul Paula, make up artist Yokaw Pat and photographer Marco van Rijt worked together to create this beautiful Glamcult cover.

●Club Nyx ●

03 October 2012

Amsterdam has gained a new club and it goes by the name Nyx. Upcoming Friday they have their first Friday night party ever and our very own JeanPaul Paula and Valentijn de Hingh will take care of the music, alongside other great Amsterdam based DJs.

Friday, 5th of October
Club Nyx, opening weekend
Reguliersdwarsstraat 42
Sandwich (every first Friday of the month)
23.00 - 05.00

Click for page here :).

Image of JeanPaul by Ingrid Baars
Image of Valentijn by Semuel Souhuwat for MaryMe-JimmyPaul


02 October 2012

Fashion and lifestyle magazine NSMBL.nl created an event with Ecco, to experience their fashion and lifestyle feel. Cleo will be present for all your fav. tunes

Thursday, 4th of October
19.00 - 21.00
White Space Amsterdam

●I Love Fake Website launch●

02 October 2012

What a great evening we had at the I Love Fake website launch by Miktor&Molf. With KnuckleDuster Valentijn de Hingh DJing and Sweetheart Anneloes organising the event, it was impossible to not have fun. Congratulations to Jolijn and Jordy with their cool new website.

Images by Fabian Landewee.

●L’homme et le main sentiment●

02 October 2012

For the opening of the Stedelijk museum, Dutch fashion designer Bas Kosters created three outfits as a reaction to the famous work of Henri Matisse: "La peruche et la sirene”.

Bas created an artwork using the same technique, a decoupage, that he used as a basis for the three garments. His work is called: ”L’homme et le main sentiment” and is built up of penises, male nudes, hands & feet and apples & pears.

A beautiful performance starring Sweetheart Valentijn.

●Spotted! Bonne the Beast.●

01 October 2012

Tearing down the bar area at Backstage with some sweety Sweethearts off duty.

●Amelie for Ann Demeulemeester●

01 October 2012

Our beautiful Soren DJ Amelie for Ann Demeulemeesters Spring ready-to-wear 2013 show.

●Identity with Andalou●

30 September 2012

Today our Sweetheart Laura Andalou will exhibit her work at Walls Gallery. It will be the opening of "Identity", an exhibition showcasing 17 talented artists. Go there and see what the young ones are up to.

Sunday, 30th of September
Walls Gallery
Prinsengracht 737
16.00 - 18.00

●Return at the door.●

29 September 2012

Once a month, Robbie takes over the door at Backstage - Chicago Social Club. Tonight it's that night and it would be great if you would come by to give him a little kiss for some warmth.
Need three more good reasons to come by?; Chris Julien, Jeff Solo and Job Jobse.

Tonight! 29th of September
23.55 - 05.00
Chicago Social Club

Image by Semuel Souhuwat.

●Nick at Chapter 21●

29 September 2012

New born club Chapter 21 is ready to make its mark. Providing a luxurious atmosphere, you'll come across a mix of avant garde performances, live music and fantastic DJs such as Nick Verstand. So if you want to check out this new place and dance all night to Nick Verstand's beats, you know where to go :)

Tonight, 29th of September
Jonge Roelensteeg 21

●Mayo in action●

29 September 2012

She worked it at Super Social. Fun times.

●Hey Boy Hey●

28 September 2012

●I LOVE FAKE Website Launch●

27 September 2012

Our I Love Fake friends invited Valentijn de Hingh to DJ at their website launch. If you were at the previous I Love Fake party, you know they got it going on. Das super talent Miktor&Molf designed the website, so it promises to be something worthwhile to check out.

Friday, 28th of September
Saint Germain
Oudezijds Armsteeg 28
19.00 - 22.00

●Tune in now!●

26 September 2012

Tune in now to follow Soren's Amelie Lens on the Belgium network Vitaya. She's starring in the show "Twee Werelden", a show about her modelling career and her life as a DJ for Knuckle Duster Agency.

●Hema Hero 10●

26 September 2012

X Robbie Baauw.

●Cleo at Disco Flamingo●

26 September 2012

Our dj talent Cleo, will respresent us at one of Rotterdams finest parties named Disco Flamingo. Upcoming Thursday she's gonna shake the room among some other great dj's on this amazing location. Gonna be a great time, hope to see you there.

Thursday, 27th of September
Cultuurpodium Perron
23.00 - 05.00

Click for page here :).

●Amelie Lens in the Knack●

25 September 2012

Sørens dj Amelie showing what she's got in Knack.

●Doppelgang for Mo Ka●

26 September 2012

Once again, our twinnies are heading towards Brussels. They will perform at the opening event for the super creative concept and design agency Mo Ka. Catch the boys tomorrow at Avenue Van Volxem. Have fun guys!

Thursday, 27th of September
18.00 - 22.00

●Spotted! A bald desire.●

25 September 2012

So extremely beautiful and bald, Aynouk Tan pulled a Britney.

●The Sweethearts for Bas ●

25 September 2012

Bas Kosters and The Sweethearts are a match made in heaven. Four of our pretty ladies performed alongside him at Valtifest, which turned out to be a great show.

●Riots in the Jungle●

25 September 2012

The countdown started, just a few more days until their new Riots in the Jungle album meets the world. We are very proud of our baby Cata Pirata. This album will be released in 31 countries! Cata and Robbie worked on the new Riots in the Jungle video as well, which can come out any day now. Keep an eye on this blog, because Skip&Die is going to blow your mind.

Release, 8th of October

Image by Alexander Dahms
Styling by Robbie Baauw
Coat by Nieuw Jurk

●Happy Bonne Day!●

24 September 2012

We wish you the happiest birthday bad ass/hot ass Bonne Reijn. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!

●The diamond skirt●

24 September 2012

MaryMe-JimmyPauls (HeyGirlHey) diamond skirt shining beautifully in Wrong Magazine.

●The Grand Gianni Bab ●

23 September 2012

Spotted at Chicago Social Club, our fenomenal host Gianni.

●Hey Hey Hey●

21 September 2012

●Wietske for Gidi●

21 September 2012

Our pretty Sweetheart Wietske for artist Gidi van Maarseveen. Even pretty in a box.

●Hema Hero 9●

18 September 2012

x Robbie Baauw.

●Mayo at SuperSocial●

20 September 2012

Amsterdam's favourite Thursday night party welcomes our new KnuckleDuster MAYO tonight. So if you're in the mood for some serious bump and grinding, we will see you tonight.

Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 05.00

●Sad Sweetheart●

20 September 2012

The way she looks when Sweetheart Anneloes cries, painted by her sister. So good.

●3,2,1,! - 6 by Sheeza 1.●

19 September 2012

Thank you all so much for such a memorable night. Amazed of all the wonderful people our little city showcase. Extra thank you for Sheeza Hoo, for all the images!

So lets all get together the 12th of October again, to dance, drink and celebrate part 7 :)

●3,2,1,! - 6 by Sheeza 2.●

19 September 2012


●Parool and HeyGirlHey 1●

19 September 2012

It was time for the September fashion edition of dutch newspaper Parool. Our HeyGirlHey boys happen to be both coincidentally in the same segment of "lefgozers in fashion". Best translated as balzzy boys in fashion. Jimmy (and Marie) ofcourse for their daring fashion design and Robbie for his creative work for KnuckleDuster and his analogue photography (photo above).

Images by Fleur Koning.
Interview by Georgette Koning.

●Parool and HeyGirlHey 2●

19 September 2012

It was time for the September fashion edition of dutch newspaper Parool. Our HeyGirlHey boys happen to be both coincidentally in the same segment of "lefgozers in fashion". Best translated as balzzy boys in fashion. Jimmy (and Marie) of course for their daring fashion design (photo above) and Robbie for his creative work for KnuckleDuster and his analogue photography.

Images by Fleur Koning.
Interview by Georgette Koning.

●Sheeza Hoo by RVDA●

18 September 2012

There is a lot of Knuckle Duster Agency in dutch newspaper Parool this month. They have their yearly fashion edition out, this year starring Aynouk Tan, Valentijn de Hingh, Jimmy Paul (HGH), Robbie Baauw (HGH) and Sheeza Hoo. We Start of with this beautiful photo of David Koppelaar. So handsome!

Imaga by RVDA.

●Happy Rosalie Day!●

18 September 2012

We wish our pretty Søren lady Rosalie the happiest Birthday! Enjoy today :)

●Alien Sweethearts ●

17 September 2012

The Sweethearts represented KnuckleDuster really well at Valtifest. They did three top notch performances, all on Joost van Bellen his mainstage.

Above a photo of look number two by StudioRel.

●Grimes in MaryMe-JimmyPaul●

17 September 2012

An amazing artist wearing an amazing sweater by HeyGirlHey DJ Jimmy Paul and his design partner Mary.

●Doppelgang Twintape 2●

16 September 2012

●Hey Friends Hey●

15 September 2012

Tonight, the Soho celebrates Lady Gaga at their every now and again Diva's night. HeyGirlHey will open the evening and will be DJing from 21.00 till 02.00. So get your friends together and let's all have a kiki at the soho.

Tonight, 15th of September
21.00 - 02.00

●Meet Mayo●

14 September 2012

We have a brand new KnuckleDuster DJ! Her name is Mayo and she is a very talented DJ with killer music. On top of that, she's really nice and cute. Come by tonight at 3,2,1,! - Club Home and hear all about her. Excited!

Tonight, September the 14th!
JeanPaul Paula - Bonne Reijn - HeyGirlHey - Cleo - Mayo.
23.00 - 05.00
Club Home
8 euro

●Soren + Kim Ann Foxmann●

13 September 2012

This Friday, September 14th, our Belgian DJ duo Soren are playing together with none other than...Kim Ann Foxmann from Hercules and Love Affair! So if you're near Ghent definitely head over to Club 69!
Click here for the Facebook event

●Thunderdag Blauw Special●

13 September 2012

●3,2,1,! - part 6 Video●

11 September 2012

We hope we helped you a little with these basic steps to look your absolute best this Friday at 3,2,1,! - Club Home. Loads of thanks you's for Florian Mauersberger and The Sweethearts.

3,2,1,! - Part 6 from Knuckle Duster Agency on Vimeo.

3,2,1,! - part 6
Friday September 14th
Club Home
8 euro's

Click here for the Facebook event

●Super Sweetheart Sarah●

11 September 2012

Besides dancing for The Sweethearts, Sarah does the creative part for this very talented up and coming Gabriel Self. Check out their new video "I could do anything", by Sweetheart Sarah :)

Gabriel Self - I Could Do Anything from Sarah Nuiver on Vimeo.

●3,2,1,! One week to go!●

07 September 2012

Just one week till we can dance together again :) Don't believe all the rumours about the party being cancelled, that Aynouk Tan had a nose job or that we vote PVV. We are ready for part 6 and we hope to see you all!

- Bonne Reijn - JeanPaul Paula - HeyGirlHey - Cleo - Gianni Bab - Sheeza Hoo - The Sweethearts -

Friday, 14th of September
23.00 - 05.00
Club Home
8 euro

Click for page here :).

●Backstage Bar Hosting●

06 September 2012

Upcoming Saturday, we host the bar area of Backstage - Chicago Social Club. This time with KnuckleDusters Nick Verstand and Valentijn de Hingh. They will DJ all night, so you don't have to miss a minute of their wonderful music. We will take care of the door as well, so behave and enjoy :)

Saturday, 8th of September
Chicago Social Club
23.30 - 05.00

Click for page here :).

●Nick Verstand mixtape●

06 September 2012

Nick Verstand made an amzing new mixtape. Hit play and have fun!


06 September 2012

Tonight, we celebrate the one year Scotch&Soda Amsterdam anniversary. We are proud to be a part of this fun event and support it with our booming Cata Pirata+Maximin and Doppelgang. Door hosted by the one of a kind Gianni Bab. We will start at the store and finish hard with a private party at The Ludwig.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, 6th of September

18.00 - 21.00

-The Ludwig
21.00 - ??.??

●CleoTape 7●

05 September 2012

Time to put on your dancing shoes, because Cleo made a new mixtape! Please use shoes less high then Cleo's. We need you all in one piece next week Friday at 3,2,1,!

●Hema Hero 8●

05 September 2012

X Robbie Baauw.

●Doppelgang's first track!●

04 September 2012

Check out our boys their first track! A little masterpiece created bij Nick and Doppelgang. Click and enjoy.

●Happy Jimmy Day!●

04 September 2012


03 September 2012

I don't think there is something that makes us smile more then youngsters starting a new creative thing. Makes us even smize, when these youngsters are our bad ass styling assistent Manique, Managing assistant/China relationships boy Rein and Sweetheart Judith.

The three started Ser/Vies; a nasty, cool and crazy tea set business, that creates nasty, cool and crazy tea sets. Keep up to date where to buy, by liking their page.

Click for page here :).

●Wrong Magazine●

30 August 2012

Dutch fashion design pride, MaryMe-JimmyPaul spotted in Wrong Magazine. Find Jimmy himself, (the halve of the MaryMe-JimmyPaul duo) tonight djing as HeyGirlHey at the Weekday party.

●The Sweethearts at Valtifest●

30 August 2012

This year Amsterdams original city festival will take a trip "Next to Uranus". The Sweethearts will be all over Valtifest this year. Our babies will be split up, dancing for Bas Kosters, Mattijs van Bergen and ofcourse as The Sweethearts. So much fun! 12 hot reasons to drop by for sure.

Loads of amazing artists will be their as well;
Jetty XB, Lady Starlight, The Magician, Bart B More, Joost van Bellen, Busy P, DJ Sneak, Dany Fernandez, Gomes, Peaches, Boemklatsch, Erol Alkan.

Looking forward to a great festival!

Click for page here :)

Saturday first of September, 2012
NDSM Werf, Amsterdam
12.00 - 23.00


29 August 2012

Weekday is opening their first store in Holland, Amsterdam. We and Weekday are very excited about this given fact, so a grand party to celebrate, seems the most sensible and fun thing to do. So, tomorrow at Trouw, we will take care of a floor with Valentijn de Hingh, Doppelgang, Cleo and HeyGirlHey.

Other amazing acts like Jessica 6 (live ft. Nomi Ruiz of Hercules and Love Affair ), Strange Boutique, Gustav Bendt and Tom Trago will make sure this becomes a night to remember.

Thursday 30/08/2012
Trouw, Amsterdam
21.00 - 04.00
Invite only

●Spotted! Hot Bonne.●

29 August 2012

In actiona at The Ludwig.

Phtoto by Sweetheart Judith :)


28 August 2012

Check out Cata Pirata her ETERNAL LABYRINTH OF LIGHT installation at the Vondelpaviljoen. Hope you had the chance to go see it.

●Schaduw at Forever Young●

28 August 2012

●Backstage and The Sweethearts●

25 August 2012

Tonight The Sweethearts will be back at Backstage and dance especially for you.

●Hema Hero 7●

24 August 2012

x Robbie Baauw.

●Candy Mag part 2●

23 August 2012

For all you who can't get enough of Sheeza Hoo, here some more Candy Magazine shots. So good.

●Ed Amsterdam●

22 August 2012

We hope you all can come by tomorrrow at the Ed Amsterdam photo exhibition. An exhibition by five analog photographers, showcasing their different analog styles.
Bram Spaan, Dennis Duijnhouwer, Ryan Cookson, Matthijs Diederiks and KnuckleDusters very own Robbie Baauw.

The space within the North-South line will be act as a physical representation of ED-AMSTERDAM, showing images from a city where there is always something happening.

Thursday 23/08/2012
19.00 - 23.00
Uitkijkpunt Rokin Noord/Zuidlijn

After the opening, the exhibition will be open daily until 29th August, from 13:00 until 15:00.

Photo's by Robbie Baauw :)

●Sheeza Hoo at Supertoys●

21 August 2012

Sheeza Hoo took your beautiful photo at the previous Supertoys. We are so happy to have her as our Knuckle Duster photographer.

●Hey dots Hey●

21 August 2012

●Spotted! Amazing G.●

19 August 2012

Look at our beautiful host!

●G-star Raw Club●

19 August 2012

The boys killed it at Kitsch Club! Everybody went totally crazy. Here some photobooth shots of our Doppelgang boys and Sweetheart Rachel at Kitsch Club's, G-star Raw night. Very Sweetvalley High.

●Hema Hero 6●

18 August 2012

X Robbie Baauw

●Backstage time●

18 August 2012

Tonight we host the Backstage door again. Come by for a little dance and drink, it's gonna be good.

●Solar Sweeties.●

17 August 2012

The Sweethearts did an amazing job performing on the Rauw stage at Solar weekend. Five performances a day and our super trouper Sweethearts are still going strong.

Photo's by Madhatter and some personal Sweetheart shots by Sarah.

●Lisa Schaduw at Tee Party●

17 August 2012

If you have seen Lisa djing before, you know she's going all out when her hair starts to fly. Well, green hair was flying at Tee Party for sure.

●Hey SuperSocial Hey●

15 August 2012

Tomorrow its booty shake time at SuperSocial. HeyGirlHey will be playing all the hiphop and R&B you need. Set from 00.00 till 01.00, hope to see you there.

SuperSocial - Click for page :).

Thursday, August 16th
Chicago Social Club
23.00 - 04.00

●Bat Country●

15 August 2012

Dj Bonne's band Bat Country, has a facebook page really worth liking. Keep yourself updated and find out where they play next.

Bat Country - Click for page :).

●3,2,1,! Part 5 - 1●

14 August 2012

Thank you Sheeza Hoo, for all these hotshot photo's! More thank you's for Cata Pirata, Doppelgang, Valentijn de Hingh and Lisa Schaduw for the exciting music. Thank you to everybody how came by for all the dancing and amazing evening. Thank you Sweethearts and Ikran for hosting and performing at the door. Last but not least super thank you Merante, for your mind blowing Amy Winehouse act. THANK YOU ALL :)

Next: 3,2,1,! Part 6 (!!!!)
Friday, September the 14th
Club Home
23.00 - 05.00

●3,2,1,! Part 5 - 2●

14 August 2012

Next: 3,2,1,! Part 6 (!!!!)
Friday, September the 14th
Club Home
23.00 - 05.00

●Cleo at FPQXL●

13 August 2012

All night dancing at Cleo's lovely FPQXL set. Last Saturday was a great Saturday.

●Doppelgang goes G-star●

13 August 2012

Upcoming Monday our Doppelgang boys travel to Belgium and dj at this amazing G-star event. Very exciting.

●3,2,1,! THANK YOU!●

11 August 2012

Thank you all for the great evening. So much fun, so much dancing, such amazing people. Here a litte preview of the pictures that will be online soon. Thank you so much!

Sheeza Hoo by Sheeza Hoo.

●Hey Saturday Hey●

11 August 2012

The HeyGirlHey boys play their weekly 5 hour pop and hiphop fun today instead of Friday :) Hope to see you.

Saturday 11/08/201
23.00 - 04.00

●321! part 5●

10 August 2012

Tonight Tonight!
Finally another 3,2,1,! and we cannot wait!

Music by Valentijn, Doppelgang, Lisa Schaduw, a world premiere of Cata Pirata's dj set and ????.

The Sweethearts will shoot you with some vodka, Sheeza Hoo will take your photo and new host Ikran will guard the door.
See u there!

●Sheeza Candy Mag Hoo●

08 August 2012

We are so proud of our beautiful Sheeza Hoo. Not only cause she is truly gorgeous, she is one of the nicest gals in town as well. Candy Magazine noticed and a slamming editorial was born.

Spot this star Friday at 3,2,1,! This Hoo will take your photo.

Image by Duy Quoc Vo
Styling by Sonny Groo
Spotted in Candy Magazine

●J'adore JeanPaul●

08 August 2012

Check out these fantastic images styled by KnuckleDuster dj JeanPaul Paula. So good!

●Sweethearts at Solar ●

07 August 2012

Check out this first shot of the Sweethearts at Solar :)

Image by Boris Postma for BNN.

●3,2,1,! Part 5 Video!●

07 August 2012

The new 3,2,1,! video is here! This time starring our vocalist and dj Cata Pirata, photographer Sheeza Hoo and dj Bonne Reijn. So much fun shooting these video's, especially this one, since Bonne thought it would be better to use real vodka.

Thank you Bonne, Cata Pirata and Sheeze Hoo, Tommy Both for direction and camera, Bob van Santen for light and Ace Dia for make up.

We hope to see you all this Friday! I'll get you a drink :)

3,2,1,! - Part 5! from Knuckle Duster Agency on Vimeo.

●MaryMe-JimmyPaul shoes.●

06 August 2012

Check out these incredible MaryMe-JimmyPaul shoes in Papercut Magazine! HeyGirlHey!

●Cata on 3FM●

06 August 2012


●Happy Lisa day!●

05 August 2012

Happy happy birthday Lisa Schaduw! We love you!

●Gigi Love●

04 August 2012

The star of Amsterdam will be back at Backstage this Saturday to shine a light at the door. Great music, great people and absolutely great hosting. See you there?

Chicago Social Club
23.30 - 05.00

●FPQXL Garden of Eden●

04 August 2012

Every now and then Jordi and Dick take their succesful F*cking Pop Queers party to the Paradiso. An amazing night in this huge and beautiful venue is always guaranteed. Besides the danceable pop by Davy V and Yuki, they always have an extra floor with disco, electro etc, this time called The Serpents Chamber. KnuckleDuster Cleo and UltraSexi's Delfos will take care of this chamber :)

Saturday, 04/08/2012
23.00 - late


03 August 2012

KnuckleDuster stars Valentijn de Hingh, Black God, JeanPaul Paula and Cleo are planning to let the sky fall down at the Valtifest pre-party. Great dj's like Bart B More, Larry Tee, mnr. Broekjevol & mvr. Bloesjevol will spread their love as well, so what is not to like!

4th of August
Club Air
23.00 - 05.00

●Solar and The Sweethearts●

03 August 2012

This weekend The Sweethearts will be heading towards Solar Weekend Festival. Joost van Bellen has invited them to dance in front of thousands of people at his Rauw stage. Over 200 artists have been busy building this authentic and outstanding festival. Solar has been known for mixing the best dj's and acts with talented artist and loads of fun. We hope to see you there!

3, 4 and 5 of August
Maasplassen Roermond

●Tee Party!●

03 August 2012

We are very happy our TEE friends have their own party again. They moved to Studio 80 and tonight we will be dancing at the second edition of the renewed Tee Party. KnuckleDuster Lisa Schaduw will support them with a killer dj set.

Photo by Lotte van Raalte.

Tee Party! - Click for event.

Friday 03/08/2012
23.00 - 05.00
Studio 80


02 August 2012

One of KnuckleDusters favorite dutch artists made this truly jaw dropping illustration of our Sweethearts. Thank you so much ISeeJaneMary. We love it!

●Hey Soho Hey.●

02 August 2012

Celebrating Gaypride at Soho's special Gaypride week (every day a special program with dj's, performances and themes) with our extra gay and extra special HeyGirlHey boys!

Friday 03/08/2012
23.00 - 04.00

●Andalou for the Hairschool●

01 August 2012

Keep your eyes tight on our Sweetheart Andalou. She is creating great things.

Images by Laura Andalou.


01 August 2012

Since Friday will be a very busy and fun day, Mr Wix, Femke Dekker and yours truly decided this night should last a little longer. Our dj's and friends will be spreading their music all around the city (Tee party, Supertoys, Soho) and it seems fun to collect you all together again when all these parties end.

Bonne Reijn, Black God, Valentijn de Hingh and Lisa Schaduw, will all be djing, while super host Gianni Bab will be present at the door. So see you at 4?, 5?, 6?, 7?, 8?, 9?, god knows?

Friday night
04.00 am - ???
Angeldust afterparty
At the Ludwig, hosted by us :)

●Hema Hero 5●

31 July 2012

X Robbie Baauw.

●Supertoys - Rumour has it●

31 July 2012

More Amsterdam Gaypride fun at club Air during Supertoys - Rumour has it edition. Sheeza Hoo will be attending to take your photo and ofcourse just to be the Ho we all love and know. Together with our talented Doppelgang boys and Cata Pirata (with her amazing Skip nd Die band), a great night awaits you.

Supertoys! - Click for event.

Friday, 03/08/2012
23.00 - 05.00
Club Air

●Bonjour Jeanbon, Bonjour Rolien.●

29 July 2012

Looking tres bien babies.

●Soren ft Dj Hell●

31 July 2012

Soren will be dj Hell's special guest at the Bavarian Gigolo Nacht 35, upcoming Thursday! He is seen as the musical initiator of the 80's revival movement later known as electroclash popularizing the music from his hometown Munich from the mid to late 90's.

So pretty infamous, just like our girls ;)

●Milkshake Festival●

27 July 2012

We are very proud of our little Sheeza Hoo. She was a big part of the pr for Amsterdam newest festival; "Milkshake". It was sold out and a lot of fun. Beside David/Sheeza there was more Knuckle Duster going on. Doppelgang, Valentijn de Hingh and JeanPaul Paula all were djing. Cata Pirata represented with Skip&Die. They all were amazing.

●Lets Backstage!●

28 July 2012

This Saturday we celebrate the return of The Sweethearts at Backstage - Chicago Social Club!
Hosted by Knuckle Duster as well :)

23.30 - 05.00

●3,2,1,! Part 4 - 1●

26 July 2012

Thank you all for such a good time. What a great mix of great people. Bea and Rachel, thank you for your amazing performance, which truly is a shame if you missed it. Much love for Dewi van Rinsum, the magic Sweetheart bald maker! Already excited for part 5, which will be held on the 10th of August. Who said underground parties are dead?

Big thank you, to our very own, very pretty Seeza Hoo for the pictures.

●3,2,1,! Part 4 - 2●

26 July 2012

And here part 2, ofcourse by hottie Sheeza Hoo.

●Around the world with Cata●

24 July 2012

Russia, Belgium and all over the Netherlands, baby is going everywhere these days! Spot our beautiful vocalist performing with her amazing Skip&Die yourself, at basically all the festivals out there. Always dressed to kill, like here in Mattijs van Bergen.

●Happy David Day!●

23 July 2012

Happy Birthday baby. 19 and not looking a day over 12! We love you.

●HeyGirl... Hey! ●

22 July 2012

Check out HeyGirlHey tonight at the Soho.
23.00 - 04.00
You know the drill.

Photo's shot at F*cking Pop Queers.

●Soren at Les Francofolies●

21 July 2012

Today our Soren ladies will hit the decks ay Spa - Les Francofolies! Enjoy !!!

●Please! / Papercut Mag.●

19 July 2012

HeyGirlHey dj Jimmy Paul, shines again with MaryMe-JimmyPaul in Please! and Papercut magazine. Showing off their gorgeous feather tops.

●Singing Sweethearts●

19 July 2012

The Sweethearts sung their lungs out of their bodies (so you also say this in English?!) last Sunday at Fantastic - Jimmy Woo. Not that strange, if you heard the amazing songs Valentijn de Hingh was playing.

See more of the Sweethearts this Friday at 3,2,1,! They have a very bold performance in store for you..

●Happy Bob Day!●

19 July 2012

So smart, so handsome, such a Sweetheart and forever young. Happy birthday baby!!!

●Bonne at Ludwig●

18 July 2012

Dj Bonne threw a great party with Viktor and Rolf and Mr Wix the other day. Great crowd, great music and grand Bonne. Catch him this Thursday (tomorrow) at the Ludwig for his new weekly party! Proud of our boy.

●Amsterdam Fashion Week●

18 July 2012

Here a little overview of KnuckleDuster at the Amsterdam Fashion Week. Walking, talking, watching, drinking, djing, the whole shebang.

Check out vocalist Cata Pirata, Sweetheart Judith, dj Aynouk Tan, dj Valentijn de Hingh, Sweetheart Ronald, Doppelgang dj's, Sweetheart Rolien, dj Robbie (HeyGirlHey), Sweetheart Sarah and Sweetheart Rijntje.

Photo's by team peter stigter and Simon Bosch.

●Team Milkshake●

18 July 2012

We are very well represented this first upcoming Milkshake festival. Our very own JeanPaul Paula, Valentijn de Hingh and Doppelgang, are all playing there. And since every fun loving soul in the city seems to be there, a grand day and night waits ahead of us.

Sunday, 22th of July
13.00 - 00.00

●Fiasco Homme Cover●

18 July 2012

Done by lover, friend and KnuckleDuster dj JeanPaul Paula. Who will be back in town this Friday, for the 3,2,1,! party. Excited!

●Hema Hero 4●

17 July 2012

X Robbie Baauw.


17 July 2012

Sheeza Hoo took your photo at the Fan - NieuwJurk presentation. KnuckleDuster dj's Bonne and Doppelgang did an amazing job and I am Aisha did this great performance. What a great Sunday afternoon.

All photo's by Sheeza Hoo.

●3,2,1,! part 4 !!●

16 July 2012

It's almost here! Part 4 is just around the corner, only 4 nights sleep from now, to be precise. This time Black God, JeanPaul Paula, Soren and HeyGirlHey will take care of the music. The Sweethearts will bring a secret performance (not so good at keeping secrets..) plus a little extra something. Sheeza Hoo will take your photo and Gianni Bab will shine at the door.

3,2,1,! - Fourth Edition from Knuckle Duster Agency on Vimeo.

To give you a taste of the wonderful mixture that happily happens to be the 3,2,1,! crowd, we made this teaser with the super sweet and amazing Lisa Smidt and our own Robbie Baauw. Thank you to everybody - Laura, Sunny, Jan Jasper, Bea, Midas, Sarah, Jay, Lisa, Zoe, Anton, Nienke, Anne Rixt, Walter, Sheeza, Valentijn, Ronald, Jowy, Mark, Nicolas, Marije, Alec, Gwen, Steven, Judith, Marten, Rein, Manique, Michel Pierre, Mila, Sander, Salma, Tijme, Poul - who came by helping us out with the video. We had so much fun!!!

Hope to see you all on Friday :)

Friday, 20th of July
Club Home

●Fantastic Valentijn●

14 July 2012

Jimmy Woo's Fantastic, celebrates the Amsterdam Fashionweek upcoming Sunday with our baby Valentijn de Hingh. Combining style and music as no other, she will deliver a great night for sure. The Sweethearts will support her by posing of their booties, KnuckleDuster style. Come by and catch them all at Fantastic.

Sunday (tomorrow), July 15th
Fantastic - Jimmy Woo
23.00 - 04.00

●Preview Cata Pirata●

14 July 2012

Here a little preview of the photo's Robbie (HeyGirlHey) styled for Cata's new Skip&Die album. Shot by her handsome brother Alexander Dahms, makeup by the amazing Dewi van Rimsum. Familia time :)


14 July 2012

Tonight the Doppelgang boys play at Matterhorn in Belgium - Gent. The boys are ready for a show starting dj set, so if you're in the neighborhood, fun fun fun.

●HeyGirlHey at FPQ!●

13 July 2012

Upcoming Saturday, F*cking Pop Queers will go to fashionweek. Amsterdams infamous pop party invited the HeyGirlHey boys to do their thing while shaking their thing.

Saturday, 14th of July
Club Jimmy Woo
Dig, Davy V, HeyGirlHey
23.00 - 05.00

●Sheeza Hoo going promo●

13 July 2012

Captured minutes of pure joy is what you get when our little baby is home alone with her Ipad. Feeling inspired?

Club Home
Friday, 20th of July
Sheeza Hoo will take your photo. (and prob. takes much more)

●FashionWeek with Doppelgang●

12 July 2012

That the pretty fella's probably walk a dozen of shows is unavoidable, but now they add a little spice to this week with their music as well. Doppelgang plays at the Bas Kosters and Spijkers&Spijkers show and we can't wait to dance to it.

Spijkers&Spijkers ft Doppelgang

●Spotted! Aynouk Tan!●

12 July 2012

The first Fashion Week picture is out there. Our very own paradise bird Aynouk Tan, spotted with mr BackstageFashionReports Edwin at Claes Iversen.

●Bonne party with Viktor and Rolf●

11 July 2012

Some of Amsterdams heaviest heavy weights joined forces to create one hell of party. Big shot like Mr Wix, Viktor&Rolf, Vic Crezee and or own firestarter Bonne Reijn. A great group to start the first Amsterdam Fashionweek party with.

Tomorrow, July 12th
Bar Ludwig Zwei, reguliersdwarsstraat
21.00 - ?
Full is full.


11 July 2012

Check out The Sweethearts going full throttle on the dj boot at Perron - Disco Flamingo. Pretty ladies are hyping up de Space Girls set fearlessly. Mind your step sweethearts.

●Mister Motley●

11 July 2012

Olivia (dj Cleo) her impressive graduation work on art website Mister Motley. Proud of our beautiful artist. You still have two days left to spot it yourself at the Rietveld! Fine arts have never looked this fine.

●Spotted! Gianni on Vogue!●

12 July 2012

Spotted! Super handsome Gianni Bab on the Vogue Italia website, for Luuk Varkevisser.

●Cause he's a style icon.●

09 July 2012

Spot him djing in Amsterdam again at 3,2,1,! part 4 - July 20th.

DJ JeanPaul Paula.

●The Sweethearts at Perron●

07 July 2012

For all you Rotjeknorrers and other party seekers, a great party is in store for you. Perron will shake your train with a performance by The Sweethearts.

Disco Flamingo - Perron - Rotterdam

●Les Ardentes●

07 July 2012

Orwell and Soren will take the Red Bull stage today at a grand edition of Les Ardentes festival in Belgium!

●Backstage extravaganza●

07 July 2012

Tonight! A whole lot of KnuckleDuster at Backstage! Bonne and Doppelgang at the bar, Gianni Bab will let you in (or not) and Cleo will work the main room. So put on your party pants and come dance with us.

Chicago Social Club

23.30 - 05.00

●Hey Madonna Hey●

07 July 2012

Madonna is in Amsterdam and the Soho is more then ready to celebrate that with their first Diva's night. A great afterparty after the concert thats will go on till many hours after bed time. HeyGirlHey will be there to play all you favorite Madonna hits mixed with some serious hiphop and R&B.

Tonight - Soho - 22.00 till ??

●Happy Rolien Day!●

06 July 2012

Loads of love and birthday kisses for The Sweethearts baddest girl.

●Its a downtown shop!●

06 July 2012

●William Broome exhibition●

06 July 2012

William Broome’s individual and instantly recognisable style has earned him an international reputation among fashion followers & fine art fiends alike. He had wonderful collaborations with his illustrations with a number of labels, such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Missoni, Hugo Boss and Onna-Onna. Tomorrow he will show his work at Gallery LARAVEN, Herengracht 132.

KnuckleDuster dj's Bonne and HeyGirlHey will fill the exhibition with their favorite tunes. A promising evening awaits at William Broome's return to LARAVEN.

17.00 - 22.00

●Hema Hero 3●

05 July 2012

X Robbie Baauw.

●Weekday opening Amsterdam●

05 July 2012

Today we'll celebrate the opening of the first Weekday store in Holland. Our dj Bonne and Cata Pirata (Skip&Die) will break the store down with some hardcore djing and performing. Excited.

●Cleo graduated!●

04 July 2012

Come by and treat your eyes on some beautiful art.
Today Olivia (aka dj Cleo) proudly presents her work at the Gerrit Rietveld final show, Fine Arts department. Sculptures created in 2012 under the title 'Panadomax'

16.00 - 20.00

We are so happy for you!

●Doppelgang by Thisisgio Studios●

03 July 2012

Our pretty twins in London.

●By Laura Andalou●

02 July 2012

Beside being a performer for The Sweethearts, she is a very talented photographer.

●KDA hosting Air●

02 July 2012

Familia time at Supertoys. Valentijn de Hingh, Doppelgang, HeyGirlHey and The Sweethearts carried the night together. We had a lot of fun, thank you everybody. x

Photos by sister Andalou!

●Happy JeanBon day!●

02 July 2012

Happy birthday to the most gorgeous man of amsterdam.

●Zoe and Sarah●

01 July 2012

Our beautiful Sweethearts Zoe and Sarah on the runway for HKU.

●Hema Hero 2●

28 June 2012

By Robbie Baauw.

●HeyGirlHey at Supertoys!●

28 June 2012

Tomorrow HeyGirlHey will open at Supertoys - Club Air. Word on the street the'll bring a nice tropical look with some murder beats.

23.00 - 05.00

●KDA Bar Hosting Backstage●

28 June 2012

We had a lot of fun hosting the bar area last week at Backstage. Lisa Schaduw and Cleo played the tunes, while The Sweethearts performed on stage.

Thank you Sweetheart Andalou for the pictures!

●Happy Manique day!●

27 June 2012

Happy Birthday to the best assistant/cupcake in the world! Much love!!


27 June 2012

The 29th of June will be the date on which the Eurogames 2012 will be held. This year’s location is Budapest. Of course, Knuckle Duster Agency could not have been absent at this huge event. CLEO will drop the beats at the official after party and the always lovely Sheeza Hoo will take your photo. Make sure you will get in if you have got the chance!

Check out the Facebook event here

●Rietveld Academie●

25 June 2012

Check out KDA boys Doppelgang and Robbie (HeyGirlHey) working it at the Gerrit Rietveld graduation show. A great show, with some really promising designers. Fun fact; the three of them will all be DJing at Supertoys Friday the 29th in Club Air!

Doppelgang wearing Poul Brouwer, Robbie HeyGirlHey wearing Marije Seijn.

●Sweetheart Wing●

25 June 2012

Gorgeous isn't she?! Shot by Lonneke van der Palen. Part of Therese Ostelius's graduation project.

●Valentijns Elle Column●

24 June 2012

Beside DJing for KnuckleDuster, Valentijn is also a very talented writer. She works for Spunk and recently started a blog for Elle.


●Tonight KDA at Backstage●

23 June 2012

Cleo, Lisa Schaduw, Black Gods bday bash, Sweethearts on stage, Robbie at the door. Do we need to say more?

●Hey Yay Hey●

22 June 2012

HeyGirlHey night at the Soho, 5 hours of your fav. caramel girls.

23.00 - 04.00

●Schaduw and Cleo●

22 June 2012

Save your evening tomorrow 23 June 2012, because two of Knuckle Duster Agency’s hottest DJs are going to perform at Chicago Social Club - Backstage. We will celebrate Black God's birthday in the Bar, so drop by for a drink or six.

●The Queen G.●

22 June 2012

Gianni will host a smoking loft party this Saturday. Have fun Queen G.

●Soren at Spiegeltent.●

21 June 2012

For you kids in Antwerp, our pretty Soren girls will play tomorrow at the opening of Magiq Spiegeltent. Amazing location, amazing DJs.

Start: 23.00 h

●MOAM moves you●

21 June 2012

HeyGirlHey's Jimmy Paul and Aynouk Tan both made some beautiful work for the Moam exhibition. Ofcourse a lot of other KnuckleDusters came to support.

Top photo; Robbie (HGH), Valentijn and Sweetheart Andalou, followed by Aynouk and Jimmy their work, then Valentijn, a chatting Aynouk and Jeanbon. Last but one we spot Doppelgangs Sander with lover NieuwJurk, Sheeza Hoo chatting with Jimmy Paul (HGH) and Aynouk Tan. Last but not least Jimmy his work side by a Fong Leng dress and Sweetheart Rolien with friend Amanda.

●It's a...●

21 June 2012

Super mommy Sheeza Hoo took your photo at the "What to expect when you're expecting" premiere, by TLC. Sweetheart Sarah was there to host the event and what a great job she did.

This special event made us all dreaming about the first Knuckle Duster baby.. Like a beautiful love child between Sweetheart Rolien and Jeanbon. Or maybe a little mini Cleo/Black God?

●Incubate Festival 2012●

21 June 2012

Knuckle Duster Agency will also be represented at the Incubate Festival Valencia, 21 - 23 June! KDA's PR rep Michel Pierre will showcase a short film he made. Go see it if you're around!

●Hema Hero 1●

20 June 2012

Ever since I came to Amsterdam, I started to photograph my surroundings. Always with a disposable camera from the Hema. It kind of became my thing. I started working for several magazines, but then stopped for a while. I didn't stop making photos, which made me end up with a big bag full of unused disposable cameras. Now, I feel the need to do more with photos again. I miss it. So from now on, I'll create a photo blog, every week, to show what we've been up to lately.

x Robbie Baauw.


20 June 2012

TIGER DRAGON SLAYERS from the Underworld is an independent fashion magazine created by the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and is taking the fashion scene by storm. They interviewed us about the agency, which you can check out here:

..... :)

●Doppelgang at Supertoys●

20 June 2012

"Double the fun", doesn't cover the fun these boys will bring. Come check them out at Supertoys Friday the 29th!

●Happy Nick Day!!!!●

20 June 2012

Big Boss, a.k.a. dj Black God, a.k.a. Nick Verstand, a.k.a. BIRTHDAY BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday hombre!

●The Lift meets Lisa Schaduw●

19 June 2012

Lisa Schaduw in action at The Lift - Club Up. A great party by Boris&Boris.

Photo by Walter Vroegop.

●Wad 2 with JeanPaul Paula●

19 June 2012

By night he is a superstar KnuckleDuster dj, by day the amazing fashion editor at WAD. Proud.

●New Orwell mixtape●

19 June 2012

●Now&Wow ft Sweethearts ●

18 June 2012

A 5 hour dance massacre we all enjoyed.

●Valentijn at Supertoys!●

18 June 2012

Valentijn will be one of the KnuckleDuster DJs playing in the main room at Supertoys goes versatile.

June 29th!
Club Air.

Go check it out.

●Bonne at SuperSocial●

17 June 2012

DJ Bonne stirring it up at SuperSocial with some serious HipHop.

●Happy Andalou day!●

17 June 2012

Sweety Sweetheart, happy birthday. Much, much love.

●Star in Brussels●

16 June 2012

JeanPaul Paula DJing at Ingrid Baars's exhibition in Brussels.

●Doorhosting Backstage●

16 June 2012

Every Saturday, our KnuckleDuster hosts will delight you with their presence at the ChicagoSocialClub door. Tonight will be no different :)

●Go go Soho●

15 June 2012

HeyGirlHey will turn on their swagger once more, for a crazy night at the Soho.
Tonight: 23.00 - 04.00

Photo by Dennis Duijnhouwer

●Behind the Love Jihad●

15 June 2012

The best thing about KnuckleDusterAgency is that we work and love as a family. We worked together on Cata Pirata's - Skip&Die - new video "Love Jihad".

Top to bottom:

- Dancing JeanPaul Paula wearing NieuwJurk.

- Kissing HeyGirlHey DJ Robbie Baauw and Lisa Schaduw wearing NieuwJurk, Episode and Zipper.

- Cool looking Doppelgang twins wearing their own clothes.

- Singer Cata Pirata wearing Zipper and MaryMe-JimmyPaul

- Fighting Sweethearts Rolien and Laura wearing Episode, Sprmrkt and Spice Pr.

Thank You Dewi van Rinsum for hair and MakeUp.

●Lisa Schaduw at The Lift.●

14 June 2012

Come dance to her grooves at the Lift: 'devoured by desire'. - Club Up - tomorrow night.
Lisa and entourage represented.


14 June 2012

Stunning doorhost Gianni Bab at FashionClash.

●Michel Pierre in video installation●

14 June 2012

Lisa Smidt made two video installations featuring our Mr Press, Michel Pierre.
Costume design by Monika Blazevic, music by Perquisite and Sliderinc.

Check it out!

Please find my mind - part 1

Please find my mind - part 2

●Wietske for Peter Diem●

13 June 2012

Sweetheart Wietske looking beautiful as always.


13 June 2012

MOAM is a fashion exhibition where twelve young contemporary talents give a reinterpretation to twelve Dutch fashion historic highlights. All iconic names in fashion, design, photography, illustration and journalism brought together in one exhibition. The past combined with the future.

Knuckledusters Aynouk Tan and Jimmy Paul (HeyGirlHey) will be showing some of their work too.
Aynouk Tan inspired by Mathilde Willink and MaryMe-JimmyPaul by Fong Leng.

Thursday, June 14th 18:00 – 20:00
Gallery Fontana Fortuna,
Keizersgracht 105, Amsterdam

●3,2,1,! 3 By Sheeza Hoo●

13 June 2012

Thank you to all our DJs, super hosts, photographer Sheeza Hoo, super band Fuzz and you, the hottest crowd ever. So much fun!! On to the next one: Friday, 20th of July! Save the date.

●Sheeza Hoo in CANDY Magazine●

12 June 2012

Look at our beautiful Sheeza Hoo in CANDY Magazine <3 More photos soon!

●Cata Pirata on MTV●

11 June 2012

The latest music video of our Cata Pirata and her band Skip&Die will premiere on MTV NL, BE and FR! We couldn't have been more proud! Way to go Cata!

Robbie did the styling and some Knuckle Dusters joined the party. Check the video and spot them!

●Amelie for Standaard Mag●

10 June 2012

Soren's Amelie for Standaard Magazine. Doesn't she look fabulous?
Check her live in action on the 22nd of June at Magiq Spiegeltent in Antwerp when she's performing with her partner in crime Rosalie!

●Ikran at Backstage●

09 June 2012

Photo by Tim Verhallen

Our newest KDA addition and host supreme, Ikran, will welcome you at Chicago Social Club's Backstage tonight! See you all there!

●Interview & Mix Soren●

08 June 2012

Studio Brussel posted an interview and mix with our Soren! Check it out.

●Now&Wow Fest●

08 June 2012

This Saturday some of KnuckleDuster finest performers will take the stage at the infamous Now&Wow. A party that influenced creative minds for years and now is back with their second come back. KnuckleDusters Robbie Baauw (HeyGirlHey), Rolien Zonneveld (The Sweethearts), Bob Leenhouwers (The Sweethearts), Valentijn de Hingh (dj Valentijn de Hingh) and Patty PussyFeather (HeyGirlHey) will bring you 5 hours of sweaty hotness. Exciting!

●Fotomeisjes Expositie●

07 June 2012

Our beloved Sweetheart performer Laura Andalou will show her photos with her fellow Fotomeisjes. It will definitely be fun. Check out de Fotomeisjes Expo today or tomorrow at Meneer de Wit. They will show a selection of 100 photos, shot in the past 3 years.

Opening today: 20.00 - 01.00 / Opening tomorrow: 16.00 - 20.00

See you there!

●JeanPaul Paula et Ingrid Baars●

07 June 2012

Our KDA darling Jean Paul Paula will perform at Ingrid Baars's exhibition L'AFRIQUE C'EST CHIC! in Brussels tonight! Have fun babes!

●The Sweethearts return●

07 June 2012

Not that they have ever been away. Saturday at Backstage, with brand new doorhost Ikran Said.

23.00 - 05.00 / Backstage at Chicago Social Club!

Thank you sister Sweatheart Laura Andalou for the pictures.

●Please Find My Mind●

06 June 2012

Our very own Mr. Press aka Michel Pierre is starring in a film installation! The official release is taking place today between 20.00 and 22.00 (see details above).

●After Party Fashion Academy Antwerp●

07 June 2012

You should definitely head to Antwerp if you're not already there anyway. This Saturday (9 June) at least five Knuckle Duster DJs will perform at the after party hosted by Antwerp's fashion academy in RA 13: Orwell, Soren, CLEO, Black God & Doppelgang! You don't want to miss this, check our the Facebook event here!

●Supertoys & KDA●

06 June 2012

We are very excited to host Supertoys at Club Air. HeyGirlHey, Valentijn de Hingh and Doppelgang will take care of the beats, while The Sweethearts will give a killier performance. All very versatile of course.

June 29th - Club Air - Supertoys - Be there!

Join here!

●Happy Gianni Day!●

06 June 2012

Happy birthday, prince of Amsterdam.

●Doppelgang Flip'd●

02 June 2012

Today, our Doppelgangs are performing an 80s set at the Modetuin weekend in Arnhem. Don't miss it! X

●Lets 3,2,1,! ●

01 June 2012

Yes! Tomorrow night, aka Saturday second of June, 3,2,1,! will be back for the third edition. With a super team like this, we are ready to blow!

●Schaduw at Perron●

01 June 2012

Lovely Lisa.

●Doppelgang's Maurice spotted!●

01 June 2012

Spotted! Our Doppelgang's Maurice de Graaf in Kismetmagazine. Stellar photography by Armando Branco.

●Happy Bday Amelie!●

31 May 2012

Happy Birthday Amelie! We hope you'll enjoy your birthday and we're thinking of you :)

●J People Magazine●

30 May 2012

Our Orwell duo made a mix tape with Clever and our Soren girls for
JPeople Magazine!

●3,2,1,! June Second!●

26 May 2012

We are very excited for the third 3,2,1,! party, which is only one week to go! Hope to see you all there, so we can dance together to Bonne Reijn, Lisa Schaduw, Valentijn de Hingh and Cleo. As always Sheeza Hoo will take your photo, Gianni Bab at the door and Sweethearts going wild. Can't wait!

Photo's by Sheeza Hoo, shot at the last 3,2,1,! edition.

Saturday 02/06 at Club Home

Check out the Facebook event here!

●Doppelgang Spotified!●

29 May 2012

3voor12 posted a Spotify playlist of our Doppelgangs! Check it out here...

●Weekly dosis of Backstage●

26 May 2012

Whats better after a hot summer day, then cooling of in the Backstage. Tonight we host the door and The Sweethearts take the stage. Hope to see you there!

●Gianna Bab at Social Club●

25 May 2012

For the ones who can't wait another Saturday to see our super host, spot him tonight at Chicago Social Club.

●SSBA Salon - The looks●

25 May 2012

Thank you so much MaryMe-JimmyPaul!


25 May 2012

The Sweethearts in the amazing MaryMe-JimmyPaul for SSBA Salon - What design can do. Hosted by super host Gianni Bab. Also spotted; KnuckleDusters Cleo and Aynouk Tan.

●HeyGirlHey time●

25 May 2012

If you are in the mood for some HeyGirlHey, you might want to check the Soho tonight. Five hours filled with r&b, hiphop and all kinds of pop.

●JeanPaul Paula in Cannes●

24 May 2012

Tonight, our fabulous, almost Parisian, JeanPaul Paula will perform at WAD Magazine's 'WUT' party in Cannes!

You can't miss this!

3.14 CANNES / Hotel - Resto Bar Club - Plage - Piscine
5 R. François Einesy, 06400 Cannes, France

●Fiasco and Tantrum Mag●

24 May 2012

HeyGirlHey DJ Jimmy's -MaryMe-JimmyPaul- clothes in Fiasco and Tantrum Mag!

●Doppelgang at Poppodium Romein●

24 May 2012

Tonight, our Doppelgangs will perform at Poppodium Romein! Go check it out if you're around!

●Amelie Lens for HrVi●

20 May 2012

Our Soren's Amelie Lens for HrVi AW 12.13 by Harvey Bouterse

Video by Guido Verelst

●Cleo's beautiful artwork●

20 May 2012


23 May 2012

Tonight, the TLC network will premiere the What to expect when you're expecting movie. Host of the evening will be Sweetheart Sarah Nuiver. Sheeza Hoo will take your photo.

●Sheeza Baby Hoo●

19 May 2012

Can you believe this?! Born a star, die a star.

●Schaduw at Disco Flamingo●

19 May 2012

Tonight at Perron, Lisa Schaduw meets Disco Flamingo.

●Sheeza Hoo at Kris Kross Q-night●

19 May 2012

Our party photographer Sheeza Hoo shot some beautiful pics again at Q-night!

●HeyGirlHey Girl●

18 May 2012

Tonight HeyGirlHey marathon at the Soho! 23.00 - 04.00. You know the drill :)

●Gianni for Supperclub●

18 May 2012

Look at the world's most fabulous door host Gianni posing for Supperclub's Kings, Queens & Inbetweens.
Photography by Merante in Wonderland & DarkRaum.

●L'inconnu meets JeanPaul Paula●

17 May 2012

Paris finest place meets Amsterdams finest boy. Tonight, Paris, L'inconnu, DJ JeanPaul Paula.

●Line up Milkshake fest●

17 May 2012

Knuckle Duster Agency is well represented at Milkshake Festival with Valentijn & JeanPaul Paula at Sjieke Poezendek, Cata Pirata at the Paradiso live stage and Doppelgang at the Supertoys by Air stage. We can't wait to see you all there!


17 May 2012

Sweetheart Rolien and DJ Jeanbon starring in LaurenceAirline, beautifully shot in Africa.

●Zoe in Elle●

16 May 2012

We couldn't be more proud of our Sweetheart Zoe who stars in a story about tattoos in Elle Magazine by Karen Rozetsky. Way to go Zoe!

●The Sweethearts at Qday look 2●

15 May 2012

Take a look at our fabulous Sweethearts performing at Qday at the Backstage area.

●The Sweethearts at Qday look 1●

15 May 2012

The Sweethearts in action at Qday stage - Backstage area.

●Backstage - May 12th●

12 May 2012

Tonight there will be lots of KnuckleDusterAgency at Backstage - ChicagoSocialClub! Gianni Bab at the door, The Sweethearts on stage and Soren plus Doppegang at the Bar area. Come by! Will be fun!


12 May 2012

HTNK is organizing and open shop at Trouw today at Trouw, with a little KnuckleDuster sprinkle: Nieuw Jurk (Esther Meijer & Doppelgang`s Sander) are selling their new collection and Sweetheart Laura is showing her latest photography work. Lovely

●Lovely Lisa●

11 May 2012

By Lotte van Raalte

●What Design Can Do!●

10 May 2012

This Friday, the official What Design Can Do afterparty will take place at the Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam. A great event full of music and acts, like our Sweethearts. Most wanted Gianni Bab will host the door. Find more information at the What Design Can Do facebook event.

●Showcase by Dim & Eva●

08 May 2012

A wonderful exhibition at The Bacardi House Amsterdam. We looked at the work of Snar, Dim Balsem, Eva Bartels and Robbie Baauw, danced to music of Valentijn de Hingh and posed a little for Sheeza Hoo. Here some photo's:

●Soren at Culture Club●

07 May 2012

Working it.

●24 uur met Valentijn de Hingh●

04 May 2012

Dutch television show "24 uur met", is one of the best shows our little nation airs at the moment. Host Wilfried de Jong, interviews a captivating guest for 24 hours in one room, which both parties can't leave. This evening one of our most interesting shows, will get even more interesting. Hollands next top export product Valentijn de Hingh will enter the "24 uur met" arena and we can't wait to see it and brag about it! Proud KnuckleDuster family times.

Tonight! - 20.25 h - Nederland 3

Whatch the rerun below...
Get Microsoft Silverlight
Bekijk de video in andere formaten.

●Gianni and The Sweethearts●

28 April 2012

More KnuckleDuster fun tonight at Backstage - ChicagoSocialClub! Gianni Bab at the door and The Sweethearts on stage.

●Valentijn and Sheeza Hoo●

28 April 2012

Today, an invite-only photo exposition at a secret location in the Amsterdam center, amongst which is the work of our very own Robbie! Beauty Valentijn will DJ and Sheeza Hoo will take your photo.

●By JeanPaul Paula●

27 April 2012

And Duy Quoc Vo !

●Hey Girl Hey is Super Social●

26 April 2012

Hey Girl Hey will be performing at Super Social at Chicago Social Club tonight. They'll be opening, so come early if you want to get in some serious Hip Hop flow...

●Doppelgang and Cata Pirata●

26 April 2012

Great evening with Doppelgang and Cata Pirata at Supertoys - Club Air. Check out these KnuckleDuster superstars, with KnuckleDuster entourage. Photo's by Sheeza Hoo!

●Lisa Schaduw at SuperSocial●

25 April 2012

Head cheerleader Lisa Schaduw djing at SuperSocial, joined by KDA entourage. Such a good time!

●Soren Spring mix●

24 April 2012

The beautiful gals from Soren made a new 'spring' mix! They will have their debut DJ-set in Amsterdam at the next 321! in may ;)

●Cleo in action●

23 April 2012

●Supertoys ●

19 April 2012

Tonight (saturday april 21st) KnuckleDuster will be well presented at club Air - Supertoys party. A fun night, with a nice crowd, a hot Sheeza Hoo photographer and loads of things going on. With the Doppelgang boys djing and Cata Pirata performing it will be one hell of a night.

●Super Social with Lisa Schaduw●

19 April 2012

Come early to see this star shine.

23.00 - 00.00 at Chicago Social Club.

●Sweetheart Mania●

18 April 2012

The Sweethearts caught in the act by sister Sweetheart Laura Andalou.

●Bonne Bon●

18 April 2012

●Happy Birthday Wietske●

12 April 2012

Its sweety sweetheart Wietske her birthday! Happy happy birthday baby.

●Mash of the titans●

17 April 2012

Superstar dj's Cleo and Valentijn working Chicago Social Club.

●Too many dicks on the dancefloor●

16 April 2012

Check out the beautiful shots of hottie photographer Sheeza Hoo. She took your photo at Paradiso's Too Many Dick On The Dancefloor. Log in on Facebook to see more.

●3,2,1,! - Edition II●

11 April 2012

3,2,1,! is back this friday the 13th at Club Home, but this time for a truly special occasion: It's our 1 year anniversary!
To celebrate this glorious moment we have Black God, Doppelgang, Cleo and HeyGirlHey playing for you this night. Of course, the lovely Sheeza Hoo will take your picture, gorgeous host Gianni will show you in and The Sweethearts will perform like no others. This will be a night to remember (again). Besides all this extravaganza there is of course another ! we will only reveal on the night...

Check out the special teaser video by Columnbine Film below

●DOPPELGANG's Maurice●

10 April 2012

Photographer Armando Branco recently shot our DJ Maurice de Graaf (DOPPELGANG). FRESH!

Maurice and his bro Sander are doing a DJ set this friday at 3,2,1,! / 1 Year Knuckle Duster Agency BE THERE <3

●Easter at Social Club●

07 April 2012

Tonight Special Easter edition of Backstage at Chicago Social with beauties Cleo & Valentijn playing the 2nd room, and host Robbie at the door.

●Skip&Die at PaasPop●

06 April 2012

Enjoy PaasPop today, super woman Cata Pirata! Skip&Die will treat you with a kick-ass performance. Can we get those 41.000 hands in the air?

●Go check that out●

06 April 2012

Our dj Bonne created this fantastic photo exhibition, which is definitely worth checking out. This Saturday and Sunday, you can just walk in and enjoy some drinks and art.

●JeanPaul at Meneer Malasch●

04 April 2012

Making us dance at The Storage.

●Club Cut●

31 March 2012

Also tonight, Lisa Schaduw and Valentijn will rock Club Cut at Club Stalker in Haarlem!

●Matterhorn 005●

31 March 2012

Already the 5th of Matterhorn tonight in Ghent! Soren and Orwell`s party is going strong.
Check out the Facebook event here...

●CleoTape 6●

29 March 2012

Cleo just released het latest CleoTape number 6, to get in the mood for the upcoming 3,2,1,! / 1 Year Knuckle Duster Agency.

●Valentijn for Tony&Guy●

28 March 2012

A perfect afternoon with Valentijns delightful music at the 2012 Tony&Guy presentation.

●Black God, Bonne, Sweethearts●

28 March 2012

What a fun we had last Saturday night. Black God and Bonne worked the Bar area, while The Sweethearts danced their asses off.

●Rolien for Roparosa●

27 March 2012

Sweetheart hottie Rolien working it for Roparosa.

●Lisa Schaduw for SuperSocial●

27 March 2012

Always a good time.

●Backstage, March 24●

24 March 2012

Another saturday, another Backstage at Chicago Social, but this time with our DJs Bonne Reijn and Black God. The Sweethearts will be on stage again to give you some visual sparkle and energy.

●Lisa Schaduw ●

24 March 2012

Beautiful Lisa, by Lotte van Raalte

●The Storage with JeanPaul●

24 March 2012

Jean Paul is playing at the opening of The Storage today at Meneer Malasch, an exhibition for upcoming talent. See u there!


23 March 2012

By day he is the new big designer, at night he is a HeyGirlHey dj. MaryMe-JimmyPaul out now in Dazed&Confused.

Come by to shake and pop tonight at Soho, with the HeyGirlHey boys.

●Bonne for EY●

23 March 2012

Dj Bonne styled this for EY, shot by our friend Marco.

●Cleo off to Arnhem●

23 March 2012

The lovely Cleo will dj this evening at the premiere of (in) Koud Water. If you got the chance, go check that out.

●Lisa Schaduw at SuperSocial●

22 March 2012

Tonight we dance to Lisa Schaduw at SuperSocial! 23.0 - 00.00.

●3voor12 on 321!●

20 March 2012

3voor12 visited the first edition of our 3,2,1,! party and wrote a little review about the night. As they quote the atmosphere reminds them of New York in Loud Reed`s era...!

Read the full review here.

●Doppelgang`s Twintape no.1●

19 March 2012

It`s finally here: Doppelgang`s first mixtape! Now on our brand new Soundcloud.

●Sweet Sweethearts●

19 March 2012

Last performance by The Sweethearts at Backstage. Thank you Andalou for the pictures.

●Doppelgang at London Fashion Week●

17 March 2012

Our Doppelgang boys were in London last month for London Fashion Week A/W 12-13 season. They did a very good job and for sure they will return to the city of LDN for next LFW season.

Doppelgang <3's LDN en vice versa!

The twins were spotted at Prophetik and James Small, the fabulous final show of the Menswear day during LFW and at a shoot for a new Parisian fashion label. Even Kate Moss spotted the boys on the runway, that one's in the pocket! They were busy working but of course also visited some good LFW parties!

Here are some hot shots.

●Vice ft 3,2,1,!●

16 March 2012

Vice dropped by and took some pictures at the kickstart of our new party 3,2,1,!

●Orwell for Red Bull●

16 March 2012

Red Bull Elektropedia just released an interview with our very own Orwell.
Read it here!

●Soren dj Amelie●

14 March 2012


●Bonne Bonne●

14 March 2012

More of dj Bonne his styling.

●3,2,1,! by Sheeza Hoo●

14 March 2012

What an amazing time. Thank you all so much. Especially big big thanks to the sickening Wasted Years Of Pumping Iron. We hoped the 3,2,1,! act would be great, but it was much more. On to the next one on april 13th.


13 March 2012

We love you.

●HeyGirlHey at the Soho●

10 March 2012

At 23.00 this evening, HeyGirlHey will knock you out till 04.00 at the Soho.

●Gianni Bab and The Sweethearts●

10 March 2012

Come and give them a little kiss, tonight at Backstage.

●Event Day●

09 March 2012

It`s finally here: the big day for the premiere of our 321! party. We can`t wait for this one!
See you tonight at 23.00 at Club Home (Wagenstraat 3), and don`t miss our big surprise...

●Jimmy for AnOther Magazine●

08 March 2012

Check out MaryMe-JimmyPauls top in AnOther Magazine! HeyGirlHey dj Jimmy is doing good!

●Meisjesavond with JeanPaul●

06 March 2012

Last Sunday night, JeanPaul Paula worked at Meisjes Avond.

Photo by Julie Weber

●Valentijn for Volkskrant Mag●

05 March 2012

Volkskrant Mag did an item about people who's amazing style are linked to their work. Like our dj Valentijn her style is. Here shot by ruff rider Jolijn Snijders.


04 March 2012

Tonight the 1 year anniversary of Chicago Social Club continues, as Jean Paul Paula is special guest at their `meisjesavond` tonight! So if you`re in for a hot mix of HipHop, Moombahton and Dance, head over to Chicago Social soon...

●321! Video●

03 March 2012

It`s finally here: the teaser video for our 321! party coming friday at Club Home by Columnbine Film

321! video from Knuckle Duster Agency on Vimeo.

See you on the 9th of march at Club Home...

●The KDSweethearts●

01 March 2012

Our Sweethearts joined Facebook, so they can share all their adventures.

Check their new Facebook page here

●Friends and Family Night●

01 March 2012

Tonight it's Friends & Family Night at the American Apparel stores in Amsterdam. Doppelgang will serve you some big tunes during this special evening at the Utrechtsestraat store. Pop in to buy yourself some new clothes with 30% off of the whole collection (summer & winter) and grab some free drinks & bites!

Utrechtsestraat 85

7pm - 10pm

See you there & afterwards at the Social Club 1 year anniversairy.


●Happy Happy●

01 March 2012

One year Chicago Social Club! Congratulations dear friends, tonight we are gonna celebrate!

●GONDA - Valentijn●

29 February 2012

The official opening of GONDA, an art film project on which Valentijn worked last summer with director Ursula Mayer, will take place this Saturday, here in Amsterdam.

Juliette Jongma gallery - De Pijp.
Starting at 3 pm, with a Q&A, movie starting at 5 pm.

If you want to see a star be born, we will see you there.


28 February 2012

Alien Sweethearts taking over ChicagoSocialClub.

●Grimes by Bonne●

27 February 2012

Check out the new Glamcult with Grimes, styled by our dj Bonne.

●Backstage Backstage●

25 February 2012

Tonight you're in for a treat at Backstage. Not only will we be doorhosting, the KDSweethearts will be performing too.

That plus Dj Tennis (Life & Death, IT), Victor Coral, Chris Julien, Prosper Rek = Done Deal.


24 February 2012

Our Gangstergirls at Soho tonight. 23.00 - 04.00, drop it like its hot.


24 February 2012

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing. MaryMe-JimmyPauls "Europe" collection is absolutely amazing.
Check www.maryme-jimmypaul.com to see more of the work HeyGirlHey dj Jimmy creates together with Mary.

Photography: Semuel Souhuwat
Model : Valentijn de Hingh
Makeup : Dewi van Rinsum

●Edition D'amour●

22 February 2012

Tonight at Bitterzoet - Cinnamon Wednesdays, our beautiful KDSweetheart Laura Andalou shows some of her great photography.

20.30h - 00.30h

●Behind the clip●

22 February 2012

Wietske making homework, Jimmy doing his hair, Annie doing Lisa's hair, Valentijn losing her pants, Gianni clowning Cleo, Cata posing on the bed, JeanBon and some bubbles, Sheeza Hoo looking like a russian Hoo between chola's. Fun day.

By Robbie Baauw

●Bjorn Borg●

22 February 2012

Loves Lisa too.

●3,2,1,! Flyer●

22 February 2012

Thank you Walter Vroegop for the flyer!

March 9, Club Home, 3,2,1,! Hope to see you all there.

Check out the Facebook event here...

●Cleo ●

19 February 2012

Coco Noir, Cute heels and our very own Cleo will dj tonight at Jeunesse Particuliere in Brussels. Fun Sunday night for sure.

●Idol Magazine●

19 February 2012

Maryme-JimmyPauls beautiful crown in Idol Magazine.

●Bonne Vice●

19 February 2012

Check out this cool serie by our dj Bonne Reijn, shot by Dennis Swiatkowski, starring KDSweetheart Luus.

●Valentijn DWDD●

17 February 2012

Tonight dj Valentijn is a guest on the DWDD talkshow. Elle editor-in-chief wrote a book about women and their favorite dresses. Tune in at 19.30 to watch her work it.

●Voulez-vous danser?●

17 February 2012

CLEO is playing at Jeunesse Particuliere in The Wood, Brussels this sunday. Venez faire la fete avec nous la-bas!

●Anna Says No shots●

17 February 2012

Host Gianni Bab en dj Cleo at the Anna Says No party. Such a fun party!!

By Robbie Baauw


17 February 2012

Amsterdams favorite party photographer will be attending at Supertoys - Club Air tonight. So if you are in need of a new profile picture, or a hot pair of lips, Sheeza Hoo is there for you.

●Blow presents Live●

16 February 2012

If you are in London, Platform Netil House, 1 Westgatestreet, London E8 3RL is where you want to be today. MaryMe-JimmyPaul will show there new collection, 6 - 10 pm. So excited!!

●3,2,1,! ●

16 February 2012

A brand new night with a brand new concept. We don't want to spoil, so we'll leave you in the dark for a while. What we can tell, is that every event the ! stands for something that will blow your mind. We can't wait to show you!

What we can reveal:

DJs: Valentijn, JeanPaul Paula, Lisa Schaduw, Orwell

Host: Gianni Bab

Photography: Sheeza Hoo

Act: KnuckleDusterSweethearts

Club Home - March 9 - Euro 8 - 23.00 h till 05.00 h

Images by Sheeza Hoo and Robbie Baauw.
Styling by the KnuckleDusters
Makeup by Dewi van Rinsum and Gianni Bab.

Check out the Facebook event here...

●Baby is missing●

15 February 2012

Spotted on the Sartorialist, our friend and KDA dj JeanPaul. We lost him to Paris, but enough is enough! Come back home Paula.

●Bloody Sweethearts●

14 February 2012

Check out these bloody hot shots of our Sweethears performing at Chicago Social Club. This time the Sweethearts formation included Rolien, Vaal, Anneloes and Laura. Shot by Robbie Baauw, who will never leave his camera at home from now on. So, to be continued...

●London Fashionweek●

13 February 2012

Feb 16, you can go and check out the new MaryMe-JimmyPaul collection at the London fashionweek. Can't wait to see what they have done know.

●Out@Home Photo's●

12 February 2012

Here are the KnuckleDuster photo's Robin de Puy used for her Out@Home exhibition at the Amsterdam Museum. Robin visited several house parties for this serie. She came by us, when we were preparing for NYE Backstage party.

●Doppel the fun●

11 February 2012

An article about fashion mixing with music obviously includes our twins.


11 February 2012

Our KnuckleDusterSweethearts will take the stage again at Backstage. Tonight, Chicago Social Club.


10 February 2012

Its always weird to find yourself printed without knowing anything about it. Like Robbie -dj HeyGirlHey- in this book thing. Looking bitchy and all.

●Out @ Home●

09 February 2012

5 days off asked photographer Robin de Puy to make a story about house parties in Amsterdam. So she called us and asked if she could join our newyears pre party at Nick and Cleo's house. Sure. You can see the photo's at Amsterdam Museum tonight. Starting at 19.00h.

Above a photo out of the exhibition, KDSweetheart Laura, in newspaper Parool.

●Amelie for Ann de Meulemeester●

09 February 2012

The Soren dj's are doing really well. They play loads and are fantastic. Here you see Soren dj Amelie, walking for Ann de Meulemeerster. So pretty!

●Fault Magazine●

08 February 2012

HeyGirlHey dj Jimmy Paul is all over London these days with his MaryMe-JimmyPaul label. Like here, in Fault magazine with there amazing top.

●JeanBon for french Vogue●

08 February 2012

You know you're doin well, when the new French Vogue editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt demands your ass in Paris. JeanBon went and played the guitarist in her amazing Wham! cover, to celebrate Vogue.fr's site re-launch. We like humor like that. Check the video and find our DJ JeanBon yourself :)


07 February 2012

KnuckleDuster vocalist Cata Pirata going on a sickening tour with her Skip&Die band. Just so you know, you want to go.

●Amelie vs Soulwax●

07 February 2012

Soren dj Amelie shot with Soulwax. Superstar vs Superstar.

●Sheeza Hoo takes your photo●

07 February 2012

And what kind of photo's! Check out this small selection of his Mattijs van Bergen backstage report for Blend.

●Valentijn for Mattijs●

06 February 2012

Yesternight designer Mattijs van Bergen showed his 2012 collection at the Heineken Music Hall. A huge show opened by our DJ Valentijn de Hingh. God she is good.

●Toni&Guy Show●

05 February 2012

Today at 20.00 there will be a Toni&Guy Art Director Presentation at the Magna Plaza. Expect some extravagant hair pieces as Art Director Elisabete Teixeira created 25 looks amongst which is a dress made of hair! Styling for the show will be done by Cleo, and the Knuckle Duster Sweethearts will give a special performance for the occasion.

●Matterhorn 004●

04 February 2012

Tonight will already be the 4th edition of Antwerp based party Matterhorn, by Knuckle Duster`s Belgian crew Orwell and Soren. Of course they will all be playing as well, so if you`re in Antwerp tonight you know where to party!

●Hosting Backstage●

04 February 2012

Tonight at Backstage we will host the door again. Music by Backstage dj's Homework, Terry Toner, Chris Julien, Kerk! and Sub. Time to dance.


03 February 2012

CLEO made a brand new amazing mixtape! To keep you warm in these snowy days...

●We Are Void●

03 February 2012

Check out KnuckleDusterSweetheart Rolien hanging at the walls of the We Are Void opening. Work by Maarten Alexander and Rul3rs.
19.00 -23.00 at Void gallery

●HeyGirlHey at Soho●

03 February 2012

A good reason to leave your house and face the cold with your head up high, is the 5 hour gig of HeyGirlHey at the Soho. Not only do they dj well together, above you see dresses by Jimmy shot by Robbie.


03 February 2012

This weekend there is a major fest at Centerparcs. Our fav twins are on there way to Bungalup for one hell of a djset . Have fun Doppelgang!

●The Sweethearts●

02 February 2012

Sweeties Zoe and Rolien performing for The Sweethearts.

●Sheeza Hoo for CandyMag●

02 February 2012

Last Sunday David (Sheeza Hoo) got shot by Duy Quoc Vo and Sonny Groo for the upcoming Candy Magazine. Promise to be amazing! We will keep you posted.

●Gianni Bab ●

02 February 2012

Hottest doorhost in Amsterdam.

●JonBenet Ramsey●

01 February 2012

The JonBenet Ramsey collection by MaryMe-JimmyPaul is absolutely magical. Mary and Jimmy (dj HeyGirlHey) are the best at creating inspiring clothes out of original concepts.
They are working on a new collection right now, can't wait to see it at the London fashionweek!

Photo by Semuel Souhuwat, makeup and hair by Dewi van Rinsum, crazy face by Sarah Nuiver (The Sweethearts - Harpy Eagles)

●Doppelgang at AntiFashionParty●

01 February 2012

A very hairy dj gig.

●Behind the mask●

01 February 2012

Ever wondered what is behind all those masks our performers The Sweethearts hide behind?
Meet Tessa, Zoe, Rolien, Anneloes, Vaal, Xiomara, Wietske, Sarah, Wing, Laura and Femke.

●Cleo's Art●

01 February 2012

New beautiful work by DJ Cleo.

●HeyGirlHey - Sweethearts- Gianni Bab●

31 January 2012

Another fun Backstage party and thank you Laura Andalou for the pictures.

●Doppelgang at Disco Total●

31 January 2012

At Disco Total, Doppelgang!

●Sheeza Hoo at Bas Kosters●

31 January 2012

Sheeza Hoo takes your photo, backstage at the Bas Kosters show.

●Shoot Bonne Blend●

31 January 2012

More beautiful shots from the Marco van Rijt - Bonne Reijn shoot for Blend.

●Nice Hair●

31 January 2012

Cata Pirata at the Damn Nice Hair launch.

●Lisa Schaduw at Mode Fabriek●

30 January 2012

Loved Lisa Schaduw at the Mode Fabriek.


30 January 2012

Our handsome DJ JeanBon.

●Sweethearts ●

30 January 2012

A little snapshot of our perfomers the Sweethearts at work. More photo's of that night online soon.

●Valentijn for Jan Boelo●

30 January 2012

Valentijn looked beautiful at the Jan Boelo show. Great model, great show.

●Bonne Preview●

30 January 2012

Our friend Marco van Rijt and our dj Bonne Reijn have been working on a new serie. Here a little preview. Love how all of our people do such great things beside what they do for us, like Bonnes great styling work.

●AntiFashion Party●

28 January 2012

Every year Bas Kosters and WANNABEASTAR organize the Anti Fashion Party. A night filled with performances, shows, crazy outfits and Doppelgang :)

●Show Nieuw Jurk●

28 January 2012

More KnuckleDusters walking the amsterdam shows. Doppelgang, Sweetheart Rolien and Jeanbon showed the new NieuwJurk collection. BlackGod and Cleo made some amazing music for this show. NieuwJurk won dress of the day as well. Congrats!


28 January 2012

Tonight at Backstage HeyGirlHey will take care of the bar area with some serious hiphop beats. Sweethearts will take care of the stage, while Gianni Bab takes care of the door. Seems like it will be another great edition.

●Doppelgang at American Apparel●

27 January 2012

American Apparel his holding a party/sale (30% off) for fashion week at the Utrechtsestraat store today from 17.00 till 20.00. Maurice of Doppelgang will supply the music so 2 great reasons to stop by!

●Metro goes Aynouk●

27 January 2012

Aynouk starring on the front page of newspaper Metro. Looking brilliant!

●Fashion Week●

27 January 2012

Bas Kosters his show was truly grand. The show opened with Bas Kosters, Camillia and KDSweethearts Zoe Bab, Gianni Bab and Robbie Baauw dancing. Dj's Valentijn de Hingh L.O.V.E., JeanBon, Sander and Maurice Doppelgang, Robbie HeyGirlHey walked the runway and we all had so much fun. The show was recieved incredibly well. Bas always makes a show, a show. With a fun statement, great music and loads of energy.

Keep an eye on our blog, Sheeza Hoo is making all kinds of backstage pictures of us KnuckleDusters being busy this week :)

●Disco Total●

27 January 2012

DISCO TOTAL - THE DIVINE FASHION EDITION! Tonight at Club Up with the infamous Doppelgang!

●The Feast Of The Earl●

16 January 2012

On Friday the 27th of January, there is a very special party called the Feast of Earl in the Brakke Grond, organized by de Club Zonder Filter, Brakke Grond and Knuckle Duster Agency amongst others. This party will be masqued, extravagant and by invitation only! We are proud to announce that 4 Knuckle Duster artists will perform that night: front lady Cata Pirata of Skip&Die will give a blazing live performance, killer ladies Cleo and Lisa Schaduw will DJ and star host Gianni Bab will check your invitation.

To obtain an invitation (12,50), mail to: thefeastoftheearl@brakkegrond.nl with `Knuckle Duster Agency` as subject.

See u there...


●Bonne for Bastian●

25 January 2012

Bonne did the styling and art direction for a great new videoclip of Bastian! Check the video below for the result...

●Cold Method show●

24 January 2012

Cold Method `s autumn/winter 12/13 show is today at the Compagnie Theater. The soundtrack for the runway show is created by Black God & Cleo!


23 January 2012

It's fashion week again in Amsterdam, and it's a busy week for us!
Here is a little overview of the programs we will participate in:


Nieuw Jurk 'Krisis' presentation
Doppelgang & Cleo


Trash & Treasures
Lisa Schaduw


Cold Method show
Music by Black God & Cleo


Bas Kosters show
Jeanbon & Doppelgang


Nieuw Jurk show
Music by Black God


Anna Says No
George Deli
Doppelgang, Gianni Bab


The Feast Of The Earl
Brakke Grond
Cata Pirata, Cleo, Lisa Schaduw, Gianni Bab


Disco Total
Club Up


Anti Fashion


Chicago Social Club
Hey Girl Hey, Knuckle Duster Sweethearts, Gianni Bab

●Nieuw Jurk 'Krisis'●

22 January 2012

Fashion designer Nieuw Jurk is presenting the new looks for her 'Krisis' collection of the AIFW today at 19.30 at the Vondelbunker. Interestingly the collection was fully crowdunded, to stay in the krisis theme.
Music will be delivered by Doppelgang and Cleo so a good reason to stop by and party a bit!

●Happy B-Day Robbie!●

21 January 2012

Today it`s the birthday of Knuckle Dusters very own Robbie.
Happy B-Day love!


18 January 2012

This is what you get when you mix MaryMe-JimmyPaul, Semuel Souhuwat and Valentijn de Hingh. Pure magic.

●Anna Says NO●

18 January 2012

Next week we will host a exciting evening with the George Deli U.S.A. Known for there fantastic food and soon be known for there fantastic party. Especially with Doppelgang and Gianni Bab on board.


14 January 2012

Another saturday, another Backstage. Tonight with super host Gianni Bab and a sassy performance by the KnuckleDusterSweethearts. Add some PRESETONE, Homework, Chris Julien, Tettero and the birthday party of our sweet friend Walter Vroegop and you know it will be loads of fun.

●Aynouk Tan●

13 January 2012

Aynouk Tan will give a very special DJ performance tonight at Club Girlesque in Publik, Antwerp. So if you`re in Antwerp, go check it out. You don't want to miss this.


13 January 2012

(pictures by Simon Bosch )

What a night! Not only the entire crowd went crazy when Elle started to describe the winning girl for the personal style awards; 'This girl is always dressed to impress, not just for a party, but also for simply going to the Albert Heijn. Regardless of her amazing height, she still wears killer heels. She not only shows fashion or writes about it, she defines it'.
At this point, it was very clear to everyone that our baby won. It is hard to explain, but it felt like a victory for all of us. She proved that when you are the right person, you can break the sponsored-to-the-bone-rules of fashion. Just because there is no other way.
There was icing on this cake too. David won Belle of the ball. L.O.V.E. was in it to win it and they sure did. Thank you Elle, for not picking another bland actress in a cocktail dress or a jumpsuit. It is about style. Period.

●Last HangOut●

10 January 2012

Last Thursday we had our last HangOut. And thanks to the hosting of Gianni Bab and the music by Black God and HeyGirlHey it was a good final edition. We had fun.
Now it's time for something new, something new that starts in March. We are excited to do a brand new Saturday night. More information coming soon.

Pretty pictures by Sheeza Hoo :)


09 January 2012

Not only is she a talented dj, she is a gifted artist as well.

●Bonne for Elle●

09 January 2012

After winning the Elle Style Awards last year, Bonne showed what an amazing stylist he is. Just take a look at January's Elle magazine.

●Happy NEW YEAR!●

08 January 2012

What a great New Year's night we had!
First some drinks with the KnuckleDuster family at Nick and Olivia's. After that, we rushed to the ChicagoSocialClub where L.O.V.E. and Black God played their music, while HeyGirlHey was doing the same at the Soho. At Backstage a killing 3 hour performance by the Sweethearts (with loads of thank yous for Anneloes Bakker) and hottie Sheeza Hoo transformed herself into Sheeza Host, taking care of the door.

So happy with all you friends around. 2012, let's get this party started.

(photos by Robbie Baauw - HEYGIRLHEY)


07 January 2012

Tonight we will host the door at ChicagoSocialClub - Backstage again. Will be fun.


07 January 2012

Tonight CLEO returns to Fakkit at Studio 80 for a great start of the new year.
Hope to see you all there!

●The HangOut NewYear Drinks●

04 January 2012

A new HangOut!
We really would love you all to come so we can give you some new years kisses. We want to celebrate the new year with all of you.
We will get some nice snacks, music and love. Maybe even some balloons.
But the most important thing is to bring amsterdam a little bit more together again. Thats our goal for 2012. Starting with a NieuwJaars borrel.

All photo's by Sheeza Hoo!

●NYE Antwerp●

31 December 2011

Tonight there is another grande NYE party in Antwerp called Kissinger, where Soren & Orwell will be playing besides Tiefschwarz! So If you`re in Antwerp, you know where to go ;)


29 December 2011

Upcoming Saturday we will do a NYE party with our Backstage friends Victor Coral, Chris Julien, Homework, Kerk!, Beesmunt Soundsystem, and Terry Toner.
Our kDA Sweethearts will perform, L.O.V.E. and BlackGod will dj and Sheeza Hoo and Robbie Baauw will host. Loads of reasons to come.

Check the Facebook page NYE: Backstage Awesome by Default Knuckle Duster for more details.

●Bonjour JeanPaul●

26 December 2011

JeanPaul Paula is coming your way again, Paris. Enjoy him.


26 December 2011

Tomorrow night (dec 27th) Paradiso will rock the house with another edition of Glitterazzi. This year with some extra treats like the Doppelgang boys and Sheeza Hoo - takes your photo. Two (three) more reasons to go and check it out. Lovin this third Christmas day!

●Happy Sarah Day●

25 December 2011

It's Harpy Eagle girl Sarah her birthday!
Happy birthday sweety.

●Merry Merry Christmas●

25 December 2011

But really ;)

●Lisa for Sketch●

25 December 2011

Lisa Schaduw did an amazing job at the opening of Sketch Den Haag.

●JeanBon - ELLE●

24 December 2011

The beautiful JeanBon in the Elle Christmas story.

●Harpy Eagle Sarah.●

21 December 2011

Sarah did an amazing hosting job at Dieter de Cock his 5 year Amsterdam party at the LudwigZwei. BlackGod and Cleo played the music we danced to. Was a great night!

●Chicago Social Club●

20 December 2011

Last Saturday we hosted the Bar area of the Chicago Social Club - Backstage again. This time with super girls Cleo and Lisa Schaduw, joined by JeanBon and Gianni Bab at the door.

Don't forget to get your ticket for the NYE edition!

●Personal Style Award●

17 December 2011

ELLE nominated pretty lady Valentijn de Hingh (L.O.V.E.) for a personal style award.
Valentijn truly is one of the most amazing people in the world and not only cause she dresses well.
Check the ELLE out now for the interview. It's really good.

●Matterhorn 03●

16 December 2011

Tonight is the third edition of an amazing upcoming party in Antwerp: Matterhorn by our very own Soren & Orwell (check their new logo above)
If you`re in Antwerp definitely check out this one...

●Belle of the ship●

15 December 2011

Cata Pirata

●Saturday Night●

14 December 2011

Saturday night the 17th of December, our beautiful girls Cleo and Lisa Schaduw will light up the bar area at ChicagoSocialClub - Backstage. Gianni Bab will host the door like no other. Since the last time was so good, we are really looking forward to do this again.

●Boys or Girls●

13 December 2011

Upcoming Friday, 16th of December!

For all you girls who like girls:
Aynouk Tan will open the GLU PARTEE at Mr Malasch as the hostess with the mostess at 22.00 h. Be an ealy bird to see her in action.

For all you boys who like boys:
HeyGirlHey 5 hour songathon at the Soho 23.00 h - 04.00 h.

●Aynouk Tan for Glamcult●

12 December 2011

Aynouk Tan styled this gorgeous shoot for Glamcult. Shot by Pablo Delfos and sweety Feline is the pretty face. Really love it Tannie.

●Soren at Fash!on/off after party●

10 December 2011

Fabulous Belgian DJ duo Soren will be playing at the after party of the Fash!on/off fashion film festival tonight at the FOMU in Antwerp. Go girls!

Here is their top 5 tracks to get in the mood ;)
1. Robag Whrume - Donnerkuppel
2. Jeff Bennett - Chordionz (Nhar remix)
3. Luv Jam - Dewi on deck
4. Dominik Eulberg - Die 3 Millionen Musketiere (Gabriel Ananda „Kleines Woelkchen“ Remix)
5. Robert Babicz - Come Closer

●Sweethearts for Backstage●

05 December 2011

A grand performance given by our KnuckleDusterSweethearts. A live dance and singing show like they did in the old days, ofcourse with a KDA twist. Rachel Tauwnaar sang amazing while she and the other Sweethearts mesmerized the crowd. Go see them yourself at NYE Backstage.

●Hosting at Backstage●

10 December 2011

Tonight we will host at Backstage ChicagoSocialClub again. We hope to see you there, gonna be fun.

●Cleo & Black God for Planet Turbo●

08 December 2011

This friday Tiga will return to the Melkweg in Amsterdam with Planet Turbo crew Renaissance Man and Clouds! Support will be delivered by Cleo & Black God!
Check out the event Here

●Cleo for Ultrasexi●

03 December 2011

Our beloved Cleo will be playing in the main room of the Paradiso tonight for another great edition of Ultrasexi.
Get your ticket`s here!

●Happy Zoe Day●

02 December 2011

Its Zoe her birthday! Happy happy birthday baby <3 !

●Lovedance ●

01 December 2011

Tonight Sheeza Hoo will take your photo at Lovedance Paradiso. Every year this great party raises money for the Aids Fund. An initiative that gets and deserves support from all of us.
This year our dear friends from Sabotage (including fab host Gianni Bab and leading lady and founder of Sabotage Zoe Bab) will perform among many other great artists. So go check that out!

After some pre drinks at the HangOut - Ludwig Zwei ofcourse ;)

●Sander for JFK●

01 December 2011

Handsome Doppelgang boy Sander for JFK, shot together with dutch actress Eva van de Wijdeven.

●The HangOut is back!●

30 November 2011

The HangOut is back!
Now once a month, starting upcoming thursday 01/12/11!
Starting at 21.00 till 01.00.
Every month we will take a decade to inspire the music and our very own KnuckleDuster cocktail.
A different dj and host every month, to shake things up a little.
We are very excited to see you all again, so come by at the beautiful Ludwig Zwei, for a drink or 12.

This week we will start off with HeyGirlHey and the amazing Sher.

●Gareth Pugh Absolut launch●

26 November 2011

Gareht Pugh made a specially designed bottle for Absolut Wodka, which is being launched today in Belgium at the amazing RA 13 store in Antwerp.
DJ sets for this night will be given by our beautiful mademoiselles Cleo & Lisa Schaduw, fabulous vocalist Cata Pirata will give a live performance of her own tracks and Gianni Bab will be the stunning host of the night.

Check out the Facebook event here.

Don`t miss this one!

●Hey Girl Hey at Soho●

25 November 2011

Hope to see you there! xx

●Orwell winter mix●

25 November 2011

Both Belgian Knuckle Duster DJ duo`s Orwell and Soren will be playing at Matterhorn in Antwerp tonight. Go team!

●new soren mixtape●

25 November 2011

●Valentijn for Umno●

24 November 2011

Our own supermodel.

●Jean Paul for Zoe and Lola●

24 November 2011

Tonight a new Pop-Up Boutique from Zoe anne Lola is being opened in Amsterdam. Jean Paul Paula will give a special dj-set for the occasion.

See u there!

●Sweethearts at Backstage●

22 November 2011

Upcoming saturday 26/11 we have our amazing KnuckleDusterSweethearts performing at BACKSTAGE w/ BEESMUNT & 100% Jordaan at the ChicagoSocialClub. They have something very special and sexy in store for you all.
Not forgetting to mention that Beesmunt Soundsystem, Chris Julien, Jeff Solo, Eke Evi and the birthday celebrating of 100% Vooraan//Jordaan Bier will all be going on too!

And don't missbehave at the door, The Harpy Eagles will host it..

●Hey Girl Hey●

18 November 2011

Its time for the every friday Hey Girl Hey time at the Soho.
From 23.00 h - 04.00 h they will play all the music thinkable and do all the dance routines possible.
Every week its loads of fun, hope we will see you there.

●Vote for Cata Pirata!●

18 November 2011

Our amazing MC Cata Pirata and Rimer London have been nominated for song of the year with "Love Dagger"


Go vote for her! Song of the year for sure!

Vote here!

●Show girl●

17 November 2011

Fashion Icon Aynouk Tan, djing in her show girl look.
Aint no party without her.

●Trip Week●

16 November 2011

Baby girl Valentijn is off to NY again to create some magic while Lisa Schaduw is doin Berlin. Next week we have a team representing a new club in Paris and a team doin the Ra Antwerp - Gareth Pugh, Absolut Vodka party. Of course we will work amsterdam too.

Can't wait for all the global ass kicking fun!

●new Orwell mixtape●

17 November 2011

All of the tracks are produced by Orwell themselves!

●Chicago Social Club●

16 November 2011

Last saturday at Backstage was truly great. We hosted the bar and there was such a nice mix of people dancing to the music of the amazing Lisa Schaduw and Sander from the Doppelgang boys. Gianni Bab hosted the door, such a star.

Photo's by Sheeza Hoo!


15 November 2011

Every year there is only one halloween party that really counts here in amsterdam. The Halloween .0 party. We loved our friends Olga as Marie Antoinette and Ralf as Captain Spaulding, Valentijn de Hing (L.O.V.E.) as a carrot, Jimmy Paul (HEY GIRL HEY) as a crazy drag mama and David Koppelaar (L.O.V.E.) as Eden Wood.

Photo's by the beautiful Sheeza Hoo.


11 November 2011

We have a super elite team working the ChicagoSocialClub Backstage party upcoming saturday. The bar will be hosted and filled with music by Doppelgang and Lisa Schaduw, while Sheeza Hoo takes your photo and Gianni Bab will host. KnuckleDuster meets Backstage. Hope to see you all there! Is gonna be a good one.

●I want Candy●

08 November 2011

We deeply love Candy magazine and we are excited there is a new one out now.
In this Candy for the second time, Valentijn de Hingh (L.O.V.E.) hold by partner in crime Sheeza Hoo.

●JeanPaul Paula for La Fille d'O.●

08 November 2011

Aint no other man.


08 November 2011

Upcoming thursday we will do our last weekly HangOut at the Ludwig Zwei and make it a monthly event.

We are very excited for this upcoming HangOut 10/11, since we made a special collaboration with our friend Dieter de Cock. He will be celebrating his 5 year stay in amsterdam after working here as a designer for Viktor&Rolf and Cold Method.
Making many friends on the way.

Music will be provided by KnuckleDusters lovebirds Cleo and Black God, while The Harpy Eagles will do the hosting.

Two weeks ago we celebrated the birthday of our Doppelgang boys and Cleo at The HangOut.
Thanks everybody for coming, and we are looking forward to see you thursday.

Here some shots of the birthday bash :)


●The (un)dressoir●

06 November 2011

Loui Meeuwissen made this amazing design for what he calls his "HAUTE CONSTRUIRE project"

Even more amazing is that the agency inspired him to make this design.

Great work Loui!

●New artists●

05 November 2011

As Knuckle Duster Agency is expanding we are delighted to announce we have two new Belgian artists at the agency!

So we are proud to introduce Soren and Orwell, from from the city of Antwerp.

More news soon...

●4 more party's this weekend●

04 November 2011

This saturday our artists will be working 4 party's at the same time!
It's ridiculous...

So here is a little 1, 2, 3, 4 for y'all:

1) Cleo will be playing at the third edition of Fakkit in Studio 80
Check out the Facebook event here...

2) Hey Girl Hey will be playing & grindin' at the Soho

3) Doppelgang will be spinning & twinning at the Nieuwe Kerk for their Museum N8 program


4) Sher will be hosting Backstage at Chicago Social Club

Go team!

●RA 13 party●

14 October 2011

The amazing RA 13 shop in Antwerp is celebrating it's 2 year anniversary party tomorrow!
For this special occasion Knuckle Dusters Cleo, Black God and Doppelgang will take care of the music!

●Cata Pirata video●

14 October 2011

Love our amazing MC!

●Top 5 of the week: Cleo●

12 October 2011

For her upcoming shows at the Knuckle Duster Hangout this thursday and the 2 year anniversary party of RA 13 in Antwerp on saturday, Cleo selected her top 5 tracks this week!

1. Punks Jump Up - Chimes (Say Yes To Another Excess remix)

2. Caravan Palace - Clash (Jupiter remix)

3. New Look - Janet

4. The Rapture - How Deep Is Your Love (Populette remix)

5. Clubfeet - Last words (Dimitri From Paris dub remix)

●Cleo's exhibition●

09 October 2011

Our fabulous Cleo has an art exhibition today of her work!
Come and check it out at the Retord gallery in Amsterdam from 14.00 till 17.00.

●Top 5 of the week: Hey Girl Hey●

29 September 2011

Hey Girl Hey selected their top 5 tracks this week!

Here is their top 5:
1) Robyn ft. Snoop Dogg - U Should Know Better
2) M.I.A. - xxxo
3) Natalia Kills ft. Will.i.Am - Free
4) Lil Kim - Suck my dick
5) Kreayshawn - Gucci Gucci

They will also be playing during the Knuckle Duster Hangout in the Ludwig tonight!

●Knuckle Duster Hangout part 5●

19 September 2011

A relaxed night to hang out and meet some new faces and dance a little. Every week a different KnuckleDuster DJ and KnuckleDuster host.
This week HEYGIRLHEY will play ther music (KPOP style) and the lovely Harpy Eagles will host.

We hope to see you again this thursday!

Ludwig II
Reguliersdwarsstraat 37

Date & Time:
29 september from 21.00 till 01.00


●Top 5 of the week: Doppelgang●

23 September 2011

New addition to the blog: every week another Knuckle Duster artist with their top 5 of the week!

Here are Doppelgang's top tracks this week:
1. Foster the People - Houdini (RAC remix)
2. Junkie XL - Molly's E
3. Yuksek - On A Train (Magician remix)
4. Red Box - For America (Bazooka mix)
5. Take that - Love Love

●The ShowCase.●

22 September 2011

Thank you all for such an amazing ShowCase. So proud of our artists and thankful for all your support. Big thank you to Tommy Both and Sheeza Hoo for documenting this special night. Cata Pirata, you were incredible like always.
All of our dj's -L.O.V.E., Black God, Lisa Schaduw, JeanPaul Paula, Cleo, DoppelGang and HeyGirlHey- turned the heat up, while our gorgeous KnuckleDusterSweethearts danced like there was no tomorrow. So much love for our hosts The Harpy Eagles, Sher and Gianni Bab.

I guess we are officially open now, time to stir things up!
With the extra help of Jeanbon, Bonne Reijn and Aynouk Tan this should be no problem.

On to the next one. We'll keep you posted!

Yours truly,


●MTV was here: Knuckle Duster Agency●

20 September 2011

MTV made a little video about us going to the I Love Fake magazine launch ;)

Check it out here!

●Knuckle Duster Agency - The Showcase●

12 September 2011

In the series of showcases to show our talents around the world, we will proudly start in Amsterdam. The city we love and live in.
One night, 7 dj's, 3 hosts, 1 mc and a performance group will fill in this night, to give Amsterdam the boost in a new direction, where the talent is the entertainer instead of just someone who plays the music or lets you in.
To us it is important style and flair go hand in hand with a real effort to create a night to remember. Something worth coming for.

We can't wait for this exciting night to happen, the night we finally open our doors! Truly hope to see you all there to celebrate this with us.





Cover charge: 5 euro

●New Website●

20 August 2011

Welcome to our new website!

The whole team put in an amazing effort to create this website. Therefore a big big thanks to Marco van Rijt for photography, Sonny Groo from Mykromag for styling, all the hair and make up crew, Denny Backhaus for designing and building the website and Rogier Delfos for the logo!!!

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